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Ding Jianzhong smiled coldly and said, “Do you think Ding was really hit by your poisonous needle?” “Could it be a fake?” Che Jinyuan snapped. Ding Jianzhong laughed and said, “Che, if you don’t believe me, just look at my left palm.” His left hand stretched out, five fingers straight, and the pen pushed straight at him. Sitting in a tiger car, Jin yuan is also one of the best people in martial arts. Seeing that Ding Jianzhong has been stabbed in the left hand by a poisonous needle. Unexpectedly lifted up again, and pushed the palm potential, dark strength like a mountain, the heart is greatly shocked! He was as thin and small as a monkey, and his movements were very agile. With a slight flash, he whirled away and said with a smile on the side of his mouth, “Very.” All right, if you’re not poisoned, I’ll help you. As soon as his body turned, he raised his left hand and hit Ding Jianzhong with a handful of gold pills. There are at least a dozen of these golden pills. The way he scatters them is very special. Each golden pill With a strong and rapid rotation, they spread out and almost enveloped all the big holes in front of them. Ding Jianzhong’s eyesight is superior, under a note, discover in the golden pill of more than ten flying whirls, cold awn is flashing, unexpectedly intermingled with countless. A flying awn as thin as a cow’s hair! The golden pill whirls and whistles, which just attracts people’s attention, and often ignores the poisonous flying awn mixed in the golden pill. As soon as the man made a move, It’s so sinister! No, not only that, he shot the golden pill, a figure rushed up, Li Gongguai a “withered tree root”, the illusion of fighting. Big stick flower, cover it straight. If you dodge the golden pill, you will not be able to dodge his “withered tree plate”. Root “.”. Ding Jianzhong was extremely angry at his vicious tactics. He shouted, “Che,uns c68700, be careful!” Right hand a circle, suddenly pushed out, so that is a “vertical crane work”, pushed out a group of invisible strength, more than a dozen gold pills. And a canopy of poisoned flying awn, all rolled up and flew out. The long sword in his right hand flew forward at the same time, and with a sound of “Dang”, he held the sword of Jin yuan sitting on the mountain tiger car. No, after the long sword held the staff, the blade of the sword went straight along the body of the staff. With a flash of his sword, he heard a cry from the car’s golden monster. Li Gongguai fell to the ground, and a man was in a hurry. He jumped back, his right finger was bleeding profusely, and four of his five fingers had been cut off by the sword. At that time, he felt a chill in his right hand and retreated in a hurry, not knowing that four fingers had been cut off. Ding Jianzhong had already taken back his sword and shouted, “Che, uns s31803 sheet ,321 stainless steel sheet, you deserve to die for your vicious behavior against the enemy.” Ding Mou is only slightly punished tonight, but remember, don’t meet Ding Mou again. When Ding Mou spoke, Jin yuan looked down and realized that he had lost four fingers, and his face was like pig’s blood. “Good boy, your name is Ding Jianzhong. I won’t forget it. To the ends of the earth, I will.” You’re going to double down on this. Ding Jianzhong laughed and said, “Ding has seen a lot of people who say cruel words in Jianghu. But don’t forget Ding’s warning. If you meet Ding Mou’s hand, it won’t be so cheap tonight. As he spoke, he no longer paid any attention to the mountain tiger. With his right sword in its scabbard, he jumped into the canyon. Run out but an arrow to come far, hear behind “sniff”, a spark straight up, and then is “bang”. “Bang” two, burst out in midair a group of flower rain. Needless to say, this is naturally the signal of the first level. Ding Jianzhong was bold enough to ignore it and still went all the way to the valley. This canyon, with the mountain, meandering to the left, just turned the corner, you can see two big stones in front of you, arched like a door, but But quietly do not hear the voice. Ding Jianzhong walked to the front of the two big stones and thought to himself, “This is probably the second pass. How can I not see a person?” “And?” Thought a move, and thought: “Well, dare feeling is the second level, already heard the signal, so hide?” Thinking of this, he stopped at his feet and shouted, “Where are the people at the second level?”? Just roll out to Ding Mou. The stone is swarthy No one was seen, and no one answered. Ding Jianzhong raised his eyebrows and said with a laugh, “What kind of person is hiding? Ding doesn’t want to see him either.”. “Say, take a step.” Walk towards the “door” of the two big stones. But when he walked about ten steps, he suddenly found that there were two huge stones standing like doors in front of him, and he just walked to the four huge stones. In the middle. Suddenly someone shouted, “Stop!” Ding Jianzhong looked up and saw two huge stones in front of him. Suddenly, two men in black appeared! These two are Wan. Like stone statues, standing on huge stones, they pretend to be mysterious, but their posture is also very fast. “You two are probably in the second level,” said Ding Jianzhong. “What can I do for you?” The man in black on the left said, “You’ve already broken through the first hurdle. We don’t need to say more. You just need to answer one sentence.” OK Ding Jianzhong asked, “What do you want Ding to answer?” “Do you want to live or die?” The man in black on the right asked coldly. Ding Jianzhong said, “This question is very fresh. It seems that a friend should make it clear that if Ding wants to live, what should he do?” What about death? Suddenly, someone behind him said, “The one who broke through the barrier is dead. What is the third brother talking to him about?” Ding Jianzhong turned to look at the original body. On the latter two boulders stood a man in black. These four men, high above the masses, just trapped Ding Jianzhong in the center. Ding Jianzhong smiled faintly and said, “So there are four of you.” “Yes,” said the man just now, “you should be able to close your eyes when you die at the hands of the four evil spirits of the Lan clan at the second pass.” Ding Jianzhong said with a smile, “Just now you asked me if I wanted to die or live. It seems that you haven’t given me an answer yet. How can I die?” Eye? “If you want to live, you have to tie your hands,” the man on the right said coldly. Ding Jianzhong said,316l stainless steel pipe, “What if Ding doesn’t want to tie his hands?” A man behind him said coldly, “That’s very simple. We can send you on your way immediately.” “Just the four of you,” said Ding Jianzhong. A? “Isn’t that enough?” Snorted the man behind him. 。 lksteelpipe.com

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