North gun king Zhang Xiu

Zhang Xiu shouted loudly, swinging the axe in his hand, split the mud and stone, three thousand blood blade camp see Zhang Xiu has started, immediately grabbed the tools, rushed forward together to help dig the road. This side of Zhang Xiu chisel mountain road, behind tardif led thirty thousand broken front camp, each carrying hay up the hill to send food for the ranks of the blood blade camp. Zhang Xiu divided the three thousand blood blade camp into two teams, one team dug the mountain road, one team cut down trees on the spot, and then laid the plank road along the mountain road that had been opened up. Two teams of blood blade camp at the same time is divided into two classes, a class to pave the way, a class to rest, and Zhang Xiu every day to take the lead, take off their robes, barechested with an axe to split the mud. In addition to eat and rest for four hours, the other eight hours Zhang embroidery with the ranks to open up the mountain road. The foot soldiers of the Bloody Blade Battalion saw the commander in chief who was riding suddenly, and their morale was even higher, and they tried their best to open up the mountain road. During this period, it is natural to encounter many dangerous cliffs, which are beyond the imagination of outsiders if they are not in them. Into the mountains, facing thousands of feet of cliffs is a dime a dozen. The foot soldiers built a plank road along the cliff which was only one foot wide, and many foot soldiers of the Bloody Blade Battalion fell into the cliff. Zhang embroidered see, immediately let the troops take the mountain rattan plants woven into a rope, the ranks are tied together, which ranks accidentally fell off the cliff, behind the brothers in arms can also pull, so after the bloody blade battalion ranks almost no fall off the cliff and died. Behind the transport of grain tardif see, also have to follow suit, after weaving rope to let the army set out to open up the dangerous road for Zhang embroidery army to send food. Army every line hundreds of miles, Zhang embroidery will choose a place to set up a camp, leave three thousand broken front camp elite guard camp, then led the ranks of the bloody blade camp to continue to open the way. Because every hundred miles have a battalion, echo each other, even if the enemy is found also not afraid to be cut off the rear road, at the same time every hundred miles have a battalion of food supplies do not have to walk a hundred miles every day. Tardif only need to send people to transport food to the first camp,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, then can return to continue to transport food up the mountain, behind the hundred miles road is responsible for the ranks of the first camp, the hay to the second camp after return, behind a section of the road by the second camp ranks are responsible for, and so on, make the front of Zhang embroidery and three thousand blood blade camp is not short of food. Zhang Xiu led the army to open the way to the south, during which Pang Tong climbed up to see the sun, wind direction, trees and mountains, estimated the terrain and pointed out the direction. Zhang Xiu had a deeper understanding of Pang Tong. I’m afraid astronomy and geography are not only understood by Wolong, but also by Fengxiao. Zhang Xiu, who led the soldiers to open the way at the front, really realized the difficulty of the road to the profit, and the helplessness of not seeing the end permeated his whole heart every day. After opening up a road and crossing the mountain, what you see is still the mountain or the dead end. If you change a catty of helplessness. People with slightly lower willpower can’t stick to it. Under the guidance of Pang Tong, Zhang Xiu led the army to walk for more than 20 days, where as Pang Tong expected, are desolate. Due to every hundred under plug, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, plus food ranks, army at this time only less than three thousand people’s blood blade camp, set up the village had nine, than the estimated seven hundred of pang Tong also walked in two hundred, but Zhang embroidered feel that some places are too dangerous, hard to open the past ranks I’m afraid many casualties, so just ordered a detour, but eventually walked in two hundred. The army line nine hundred miles, Rao is the blood blade camp after numerous baptism of blood and fire, the elite of the elite, also tired can’t before. Had it not been for the fact that Zhang Xiu rushed to the front every day, the ranks of the Bloody Blade Battalion were in excellent health, and I’m afraid they could not have achieved this feat. At the end of the nine-hundred-mile road, more than two thousand Bloodblade Battalion came to a mountain called Motianling. Seeing all the soldiers of the Bloodblade Battalion lying limp on the ground, Zhang Xiu shouted, “Soldiers, we have already passed the nine-hundred-mile mountain road!”! After this, there is Jiangyou in front. How can we retreat? Seeing that the soldiers of the Blood-Blade Battalion still did not move, he called out, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”! We have come here, as long as the Jiangyou, this will promise here, protect you three generations of wealth! The names of all the people are inscribed on the Zhonglie Stele of Chang’an. This Changan Zhonglie monument, only after the death of the military commanders who have made great contributions to enjoy the honor, said to be immortalized in history. Nowadays, wealth and fame go hand in hand, and there must be courage under the so-called heavy reward. “Ah.” With a hysterical roar to the sky, they all jumped up. Zhang embroidered see exultation, let the ranks will first axe chisel, such as the original chisel mountain road, at this time is the blood blade camp weapons thrown down the mountain. Then he picked up a blanket that he had used to keep out the cold last night and wrapped it around his body. Roll down the hill first in a ball. Blood blade camp ranks see, also have to follow suit, there is a felt like a piece of embroidery wrapped in their own roll down the hill, not tied to the waist with a rope, along the growth to the top of the mountains tall trees slide down the mountains. Less than an hour, more than two thousand blood blade camp has come to the mountains with Zhang embroidered, Zhang embroidered when caught his tiger-head spear, blood blade camp ranks also picked up the axe chisel, Zhang embroidered drink loudly, led more than two thousand blood blade battalion ranks starry night straight to Jiangyou. When Zhang embroidered rate army to Jiangyou city, but net good early morning, see Jiangyou city gate open as usual, guarding city ranks lazily beating breath, holding the weapon is not too stable, immediately exultation, led two thousand like a tiger’s blood blade camp straight to the gate. Since the yinping road was blocked, Ling bract was transferred to camphor, Jiangyou city also did not send a general garrison, soldiers therefore also neglected to practice. See Zhang embroidered at this time with a great army. Before he realized what was going on, he waited until Zhang Xiu’s army was approaching. Then he shouted, “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!” Zhang embroidered see laugh, these guarding city ranks only know call and don’t know immediately close the gate, is to give a chance. Quickly grabbed, tiger head golden spear dance, golden awn shining, under the cry of the phoenix guarding the city ranks have been killed. Embroidery Zhang success in one fell swoop, let hundreds of ranks to keep the gate,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, oneself into the city. In less than half an hour, the whole Jiangyou city has been occupied by Zhang Xiu, Jiangyou county magistrate is bound hands please drop.

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