New player here (havent played as 2016)

I recommend looking through finals spotlight, the historic spotlight Sims, and all time spotlight to see if you interest. You are each given an opal by MT for sale 2K21 the Finals/All time if you complete the show, but may be hard if your group is a overall, when you first begin. Tmac/Klay/Hedo/Shaq all have expensive opals. Many have pink diamond choices that are fantastic cards to get offline (example.the PD Shaq is a true-to-life Shaq who is a monster down low but can’t shoot. The opals can shoot 3s).

Great luck! Every one of these men (other than Dwight) possess Amethyst/Diamond cards which should be usable and very affordable. You could scoop up a variant of all those men for some fun offline! Dwight opal can only be achieved by locking from the Leap Year collection that’s very expensive (it does include TMac Opal, one of the greater SG in NBA 2K). The Dwight in NBA 2K is your one I mentioned, so may be worth evo’ing him to remain on your squad!

New player here (havent played as 2016). I know the costs vary, but how much MT would you estimate would have the ability to acquire the collector trophy that is GOAT? It is really not worth unlocking much beyond the auction home really. Theres another opal wade and likely opal advertisement soon. The rest of it is not worthwhile. I figured it wasnt worth it im just curious how much MT to get the trophy since its the hardest one. Thinking of doing the plat. It is going to have a lot of grinding. For the reward gamers. Won’t charge you as much if you go after the affordable cards such as chunks, courts, playbooks etc.

I am going after it too and only hit on 750 cards now and I have barely touched the Current Series 1 and 2 cards. I did purchase NBA 2K during the earnings. Not worth it bro. Following the NBA closed down I began playing a day. I was at 1200 cards and I am starting to market everything and catch players I like playing with. Looks like we are in the exact same position. Good luck on the mill. I have tons of challenges and am about the Diamond tier in Rewards. I pulled some good shit I have spent and when I get close I might sell them to get enough MT to find the remaining cards I want.

Probably going to be after 2K21 comes out. I have been doing mostly spotlight series while the cards are available in the Cheap NBA 2K21 MT auction house. Spotlight series 1 appears impossible today because the cards are so expensive. Im 1 amethyst participant from diamond at the rewards. Don’t go at this time for collector level. Save MT and purchase players you like losing. I suggest Diamond Jay Williams who evolves into PD with 3 3PM at NBA 2K (so simple ) and his discharge is butter. Different ones. They will not even permit you to add copies to your collection. Perform Domination as that is a lot of cards that are free. Keep a watch on of the locker codes.

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