New Madden 21 items about Chandler Jones and Cooper Kupp have arrived in the game

Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs is a high-quality player item provided for a limited time, which is provided as a set. On Thursday, two brand new LTD players arrived in the game, namely Chandler Jones and Cooper Kupp. Players who want to get these two players can spend some MUT 21 Coins to add them to their lineup. Their strength will not disappoint the players and will definitely improve the overall lineup strength to help players win more.

Chandler Jones, with an overall score of 92, was the first LTD player to appear. His excellent data has left a deep impression on many players. He has a score of 94 in match recognition and powerful movement. In addition, the player’s attributes can get 93 processing, 91 fine movement, 85 power and 85 acceleration. They can also use the card with his Power Up items. Players can also use Madden Training to promote the team’s good chemistry and potential X-factor upgrades.

Cooper Cooper, a relay from the Los Angeles Rams, is an expert on offense with the ball. His Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTD project is also 92 overall. Kupp’s attributes include 89 speed, 92 catch, 91 mid-range run, 91 short run, 87 traffic catch and 87 spectacular catch. Just like Jones, he will power up this LTD item, chemistry and X factor upgrades.

As mentioned earlier, both players can currently use in combination in the form of MUT within a limited time. Players can pack and buy these special players before 10 am EST on November 7. Unfortunately, it is now closed. Players who want to get them now can only go to Madden 21 auction house to buy these two players at a high price. Jones sells for 400,000 Madden 21 Coins or more on the PS4 list, while Kupp sells for 300,000 Madden 21 Coins or more.

The two new LTD cards also have a permanent Quicksell value of 250,000 Madden Coins, so they will continue to appreciate. If players are still troubled by the lack of Madden Coins, they might as well come to GameMS to Buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins, which will help them solve their current dilemma.

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