Needs to make another soccer game

Agreed. This is why I completely hate the whole”If you don’t like it, quit” argument. That I love the NFL, and thisĀ Madden 20 coins is the only playable soccer game on the market, although you’re right, I don’t like MM20, nor do I like EA. Retro bowl is great! I stopped playing after conducting championships and being a participant, however, retro bowl got me interested in football matches. I had back to bacm seasons in bowl, so I want to get another game to playwith.

Much as you do not like to listen to it, and yeah, thats how they continue to make money and retain players. People who love play and soccer because of this alone. So, whenever an EA rep does see this, all they’re gonna do is laugh and say”yep, this is precisely the ideal player our model aims”.Please notice the differences in which we see Madden nfl. As a competitive player in an important place, I am always more interested in utilizing the meta name cards. If I was casual, playing only because I enjoy football and my group in general, yeah I rep a more ATL folks afterward. It’s just how it goes sometimes.

Yeah if this makes you feel better but decent job making it on the leaderboard I’m not hating bro.scouted your team once I saw your name and it was something I noticed lol.Thanks! Ha, nice to see it get recognized! It’s fun scouting through the rest of the top teams and seeing what is happening. Everyone’s got marginally different favorites.Thanks! It’s fun scouting through the rest of the leading teams and seeing what is happening. Everyone’s got favorites.

I love Madden. Not the newest Madden to buy mut coins, but I still love Madden. EA ruined what Madden was. I truly hope there are still developers out there that care about Madden nflr instead of only money grabbing. Fortnite started that way out, then they quickly switched to money grabbing. 2K needs to make another soccer game. If it’s XFL or any players, I will purchase it. No queries! Today I played and I realized Madden nfl had become completely pointless. I got into Madden reason I miss playing/watching actual football. I miss playing the sport, also to the right teammate based on what the defense is providing me, actually only read and throw as a QB.

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