My husband says he loves me but hits me every night. Is this domestic violence?

He takes care of me and our children. He works very hard and takes very good care of our kids. He provides for me saying that he loves me and I don’t doubt that, but how can he do this?

Curious Asked on December 3, 2016 in domestic violence.
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Yes, this is domestic violence. Domestic violence is any pattern of behavior that a partner uses to gain power and control over another. Physical violence is one manifestation of that power and control. He needs to be in charge at all times and feels weak without it. Hence he uses domestic violence. Another thing to keep in mind is although Indian law does not recognize, sex without consent (married or not) is rape.

Whether you choose to stay with your husband or leave is your decision but regardless of what you do, please make sure to keep yourself safe. Safety planning tips can be individualized to your needs but in general includes ways you can employ to ensure you and the children ar safe before, during and after the abuse.

Curious Answered on December 6, 2016.
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