Mortal Xiuxian Biography

Five-color door Lord also showed surprise, but then his face sank, his eyes flashed a trace of haze, and his robe suddenly bulged up automatically without wind, and his momentum was instantly visible. Since it is the remnant party of Mo Fu, then don’t want to go, leave your life behind. The five-color door Lord shouted with a completely changed look. Then he took a big step, his beard and hair were all open, and the original base of the bluestone ground, unexpectedly left two clear footprints half an inch deep, the depth of its internal force is really shocking. Seeing this, the young man slipped away to one side with the same silence, intending to cooperate with his father’s action. Han facades expressionless looking at the five-color door father and son’s actions, without saying a word, one hand lifted, “puff”, several fist-sized red fireballs, with a hot breath, floating out of thin air appeared on the palm of the hand. Seeing this scene, the five-color door master, who was pressing forward step by step, became stagnant. Cultivate immortals! He said dryly, full of disbelief. The young man on the other side also froze. Hum,Marble Granite Price, “Han Li didn’t intend to say anything at all. With a slight bend of his fingers, he would pop up several fireballs and kill them separately.”. But right now. One side originally hugged the little girl’s black jade bead, suddenly the face showed the color of determination, the body flashed in front of Han Li. No! I forbid you to kill the child’s father. If I kill him, I’ll kill both my mother and my daughter. She said with a sad look. Seeing this scene, Han Li frowned, and the fireball on his hand suddenly rose to the size of a bowl in a burst of “crackling” explosions, making it even hotter. Although Mo Yuzhu looked miserable, she looked like she would never retreat. This immortal teacher,White Marble Slabs, are you making a mistake? Our five-color door is. When the young man saw Mo Yuzhu standing in front of him, he was greatly moved, and he was afraid that Han Lizhen would kill him and the child together in anger. So he hurriedly wanted to move out the big backer behind him. But before he could finish, Han Li said coldly, “Shut up!”! There is no place for you two to talk here. I know there is a mountain of spirits behind you, but it is the same for me. If I hear one more word of nonsense from you two, I’ll destroy your whole house at once. Hearing this, the young man blushed, wanted to attack but dared not, and could not help looking anxiously at his father. As a result, the five-color master looked calm, but as a young man of his son, he could see the uneasy color at a glance, which made his heart sink. Give me a reason not to kill them, this is for your Mo Fu revenge, and the wind dance personally put forward to me. Han Li said lightly to Mo Yuzhu. Feng Wu is still alive? This is great! I’ve been so worried about her! I later learned that she seemed to have jumped into the river. Mo Yuzhu listened to Han Li’s words and said with a happy face. Not only Feng Wu, pietra gray marble ,Calacatta Nano Glass, but also Cai Huan and Si Shi Niang are alive and well, but I am very disappointed with you now. Give me some time to convince me, otherwise, I will still take their lives. Han Li waved his hand, and the fireball floating in the air disappeared without a trace, and then said coldly. See Han Li received the posture of the attack, the five-color door master father and son at the same time breathed a sigh of relief, at least temporarily saved their lives. They were afraid that Han Li was so angry that he didn’t listen to Mo Yuzhu’s explanation at all. Immortals are terrible, but they know more than ordinary mortals, simply can not afford to fight. Mo Yuzhu also looked relaxed. After thinking about it, she said in a low voice, “Younger Martial Brother Han, for the sake of my father, you have traveled thousands of miles to avenge Mo Fu. Thank you in advance.”. However, I want to ask Younger Martial Brother, what is the reason why you seek revenge from my husband? They didn’t hurt anyone in the Mo Mansion, they just gave orders. And this order is not their decision, but is directed by someone else. As for who, Younger Martial Brother is also an immortal. He should know better than me. After listening to Mo Yuzhu’s words, Han Li was slightly stunned and hesitated. How could Han Li not know what Mo Yuzhu said? If you really want to find the culprit of the destruction of the Mo family, of course, it is the monk of Lingshou Mountain. But this kind of enemy, which is now Han Li can provoke. Not to mention, Han Li did not think that the relationship with Mo Fu was good enough to set up such a formidable enemy. In the final analysis, he just looked at the past feelings, only to take the five-color door for the ink phoenix dance to vent his anger. Originally, it was nothing to do so, after all, no matter whether the father and son of the five-color door owner were innocent or not, who let them participate in the extermination of the Mo House. But now Mo Yuzhu appeared, but also became a part of the so-called “enemy”, which Han Li did not expect, can only look up to the sky and sigh, good fortune makes people ah! Now that his own family had the opposite opinion, Han Li naturally wouldn’t do such a thankless thing. After thinking about it for a while, he relaxed his expression and said slowly, “What Elder Martial Sister said is not unreasonable.”. But in any case, both the father and son were accomplices, and even if they were killed, they would not be wronged. What’s more, as soon as they heard that I was from Mo Fu, they looked like they wanted to exterminate me. It’s hard to believe that they had nothing to do with Mo Fu’s extermination. When Han Li said this, his face was covered with frost again, which made the five-color door owner and the young man look very different and nervous again. However, now that Elder Martial Sister is involved, you sisters have different opinions. I have no intention to be this villain, so I will leave you sisters to solve it by yourself. I hope you can convince Feng Wu by then. After saying this, Han Li’s lips moved slightly, and the whereabouts of the ink phoenix dance and the ink color ring were transmitted to the woman. When the five-color master and the young man heard that the monk in front of them had given up the idea of killing them, they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The five-color master stepped forward with a smile on his face and wanted to get close to Han Li, but Han Li’s cold eyes swept over, making the old man cold and afraid to take another step. I don’t know what means you used to make my elder martial sister marry your son,white marble mosaic, and I don’t intend to pursue the matter that the die is cast. But you’d better be good to my elder martial sister in the future, otherwise. Han Li did not finish his words, but all the people present could hear the threat.

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