Like many of the coolest technologies lotion pump Manufacturers

Like many of the coolest technologies  lotion pump Manufacturers throughout

the history of the world, other people came along and further evolved the original

idea. Take a look at the Model T Ford, then a Formula 1 Ferrari racing car.

What happened? The greatness of people is what happened, and it’s the same with

PHP. Two guys came along (they happened to come from Israel if you feel that is

relevant) and they took this infant technology to the next level. You see, the

first guy (he was named Rasmus if you care about such things)was nice

enough to make the decision to release the source code for PHP for everybody to

see, so that anybody could use it. This means that other people could fix bugs

in it and improve the code. In essence, he employed the rest of humanity for

the job of furthering his ideas. Smart guy…It’s called ‘Open-source, right?

What a cool way to give evolution a kick in the butt!

These two super-heroes…I mean normal people (I’m

getting carried away aren’t I?) worked for a huge company and were paid

millions of dollars to work on PHP. No, not really. Again, they were just like

you and me. Gutmans and Suraski (sounds like those guys you play basketball

with on Sundays, doesn’t it?) were just trying to develop an eCommerce

application they were working on for a University project. They found that the

first PHP didn’t have enough power and so they did a complete rewrite. Bingo!

This was the first sign of the language that we now use today.

Normal human beings like you (Are developers and

programmers normal?) are the ones who have changed the world over time for the

better. Whether it’s the technology that has made it easier for people to build

websites on the Internet giving them a place to express their ideas or share

their services, or the people who are making those really cool sites, it wasn’t

only geniuses and whiz-kids that have helped human society to evolve. Anyone

with one small idea is all that’s needed to start a ripple-effect throughout

the world, to start a revolution in the way things are seen and done in the

world today.

If you use PHP to develop websites, you’ve got to

know that you’ve got something of great significance at your fingertips. You’ve

got human progress. You’ve got an Internet that is now more accessible for

people to become part of. You’ve got a language that was created by the people

for the people. My question to you is not, ‘Are you going to develop a website

that changes the world?’ My only question is, ‘When are you going to get


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Food Articles | June 3, 2011

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