When Zhu San entered the ceremony, he was released according to the rules of the field. So he lost heart and became an official for thirty years. One night, Lu told him, “Your life will not last forever.” Ask its period, to the king’s day. Can they be rescued? Mencius replied, “Only what Heaven has decreed, how can man be selfish?”? And from the point of view of others, life and death are one ear, so why should life be happy and death be sad? Zhu thought so. That is to say, the treatment of clothes, the coffin, and the outer coffin; both unexpectedly, Sheng Fu but not. The next day, Madam Fang held the coffin and wept, while Zhu Ran Ran came from outside. Madam is afraid. Zhu said, “I am a sincere ghost, and I am not different from the time of birth.”. Worry about your widows and orphans, and love your ears. Lady great grief, tears; Zhu Yiyi comfort it. Madam said, “In ancient times, there was a saying of rebirth. Since you have a spirit, why not rebirth?” “The number of days must not be violated,” said Zhu. Ask: “What do you do in the underworld?” Mencius replied, “Judge Lu recommended me to supervise the affairs of the court, and I was given an official rank, but I did not suffer any hardship.” When the lady wanted to speak again, Zhu said, “The Duke of Lu will come with me, and we can set up wine and food.” Come out. The madam is prepared according to the words. But when I heard the laughter and drink in the room, my breath was bright and loud, as if I were alive. Peep it in the middle of the night, but it’s gone. Naturally, as soon as a few days come, sometimes they stay overnight, and then they broker things at home. When Tzu Wei-fang was five years old, he came to hold him in his arms; when he was seven or eight years old, he taught him to read under the lamp. The son is also wise, nine years old can text, fifteen into the city itch, unexpectedly don’t know no father also. From then on gradually sparse, the sun and the moon to Yan. Another evening he came, and said to his wife, “Now I will never forget you.” Ask: “Where to?” Mencius replied, “I have been appointed by the emperor to be the minister of Taihua. I am about to go far away, but I cannot come because I am separated by a long journey.” The mother and son wept, saying, “Don’t!”! The son has been established, and the family can still survive. How can there be a phoenix that will not be dismantled at the age of 100? Gu Tzu said, “If you like to be a man,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, don’t fall into your father’s career.”. I’ll see you in ten years. Go straight out of the door, then. After Wei 25 Ju Jinshi, official pedestrian. When he was ordered to offer sacrifices to the Western Mountains, he passed through Huayin. Suddenly, Yu followed Yu Bao and galloped into the stew book. Surprise. Look at the man in the car, his father. Get out of the car, regardless of the fire. Go a few steps, look back, Xie Pei Dao sent someone to hold the gift. “It is precious to wear it,” said Yao Yu. Wei wanted to follow him, but when he saw Yu Ma and the people following him, he was drifting like the wind, and he did not see him for a moment. He hated him for a long time, so he drew his sword and looked at him. He made it with great precision, and engraved a line of characters, saying: “The desire for courage is great, but the desire for the heart is small. The desire for wisdom is a garden, but the desire for action is square.” Wei Houguan to Sima. Give birth to five sons, the sun sinks, Yue Qian, Yue [don’t], Yue Hun, Yue Shen. One night, Meng Fu said, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, “It is better to wear a sword as a gift to Hun.” From it. Hunshi is the general constitution and has a political voice. Yi Shi Shi said, “To cut off a crane and to continue the wound is to correct the author’s delusion. To graft flowers and trees is to create a strange one. What about those who chisel and cut the liver and intestines, and apply a knife and awl to the neck!”! Lu Gong, it can be said that the skin is wrapped in the bone. Ming season to date, for the year is not far away, lingyang Lu Gong still exist? Is there still a spirit? Hold the whip for it, and admire it. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio: Temple Ghost Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Xincheng Zhusheng Wang Qi is the great-grandson of Fang Bo Zhongyu Gong Xiangkun. See a woman into the room, the appearance of fat black not Yang. Smile near the couch, meaning very obscene. The king refused to go. From this, sitting and lying can be seen. And the intention is firm, never shake. The woman is angry, criticize its cheek to have sound, and also not very painful. The woman hung on the beam with a belt and hanged herself. Unconsciously, the king threw himself under the beam and drew his neck in a constriction. People see their feet do not walk on the ground, stand upright in the air, that is, can not die. Naturally, I am sick. Suddenly he said, “He will throw himself into the river with me.” Look at the river and run wildly, drag it and stop. Such a hundred ends, daily work, the effect of medicine. One day, he suddenly saw a warrior locked up and come in. He shouted angrily, “Why do you dare to disturb Piao Cheng?” That is, women’s neck, from the lattice out. Just outside the window, the woman was no longer human, her eyes were flashing, and her mouth was as red as a basin. Remembering that there are four mud ghosts in the gate of Chenghuang Temple, one of them is unique. So if the disease is lost. Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio Small Say .. t.xt.. God . Don Shaanyou some male, Xin Chou Jinshi, can remember the predecessor. Taste speech former life as a scholar, died in middle age. After death to see the king of the underworld judge, tripod oil pan, as handed down from generation to generation. In the east corner of the hall, there are several shelves with the skins of pigs, sheep, dogs and horses. When a bookkeeper calls his name, he may be punished as a horse or as a pig; all of them are naked, and he takes the skin from the shelf and wears it. When he heard this, the king of the underworld said, “It is appropriate to be a sheep.” The ghost took a white sheepskin and pressed it to cover the public body. “It was Zeng Zheng who died alone,” said Li Bai. Wang Jianji looked back and said, “Don’t do it.”. Though there is much evil, this good can be redeemed. Ghost and its fur. The leather has been stuck to the body and cannot be moved again. The two ghosts grabbed their arms and pressed them against their chests, and the force took them off. The pain was indescribable. The pieces of skin were broken, and they were not completely clean. Since off, near the shoulder is still sticky sheepskin as big as the palm. Since the male was born, there was a cluster of wool on his back, which was cut off and returned. www.xiaOShuOtxT.Com Nie Xiaoqian Little _ say t? Xt _ Heaven Ning Caichen is from Zhejiang. The nature is cool, and the integrity is self-respect. Every man says to him, “There is no two colors in life.” Go to Jinhua, to north Guo, untie lanruo. The pagoda in the temple is magnificent, but there is no one in Penghao, and it seems that there is no trace. In the east and west monks’ houses, the double doors are unclosed; but in the south, a small house, the keys are as new as new. In the east corner of the hall, he repaired the bamboo arch handle; there was a huge pond under the steps, and the wild lotus root had blossomed. The meaning is very happy with its seclusion. Will learn to make the case, the price of the city house, thought then stay, then take a walk to wait for the monk to return. At dusk, a scholar came and opened the south door. Rather to the ceremony, and tell to meaning. The scholar said, “There is no house owner here, and the servant is also an overseas resident.”. It is fortunate to be able to be willing to fall into desolation and teach in the evening. Ning Xi, take the place of the bed, support board for a few, for a long time. That night, the moon was bright and pure, and the clear light was like water. The two of them were kneeling in the corridor of the hall, each showing his name. The scholar said to himself, “My surname is Yan, and my courtesy name is Chixia.” Rather doubt to test the students, and listen to the sound,Micro Gear Motor, not Zhejiang. “People of the Qin Dynasty,” he said to himself. The language is very simple and sincere. Then the relative word is exhausted, then the arch leaves to go to bed.

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