Lady Hou’s Rebirth Diary by Peng Xiaoxian

Wei Shi put the material away and asked the Mammy to roll it up again. “Don’t put it back again. Pick up the good place to cut the children’s clothes.”. It’s just right to send it to Dingguo Gongfu later, and his youngest daughter is just enough to wear. Xie Liangying was still a little shy, but when he saw Wei Shi talking about the material, his mood came up. Things about getting married were all left behind by her. She picked up the material and talked to Wei about her daily life. “This roll of Hangluo is also good. It’s printed with orchids. Isn’t it the pattern that the second sister likes?”? I just cut one for her to wear in summer, and wear a red one to sweep away the mildew. The second sister’s complexion is white, and the red dress is especially suitable for her. Wei Shi blinked his eyes a few times and burst out laughing. Pointing to Xie Liangying, who had an inexplicable look on her face, she said to the dowry Mammy beside her, “Look at her. She still has the heart to worry about others.”. She didn’t think at all that it was to choose her own wedding dress material. Originally forgot shy, was Wei Shi said to come up again. Xie Liangying, blushing, stuffed Luo Yao into Mammy’s hand and muttered in a low voice, “Don’t forget, it’s for the second sister.” Mammy smoothed out the crumpled material with her hands and rolled it up again. “I won’t forget,” she said with a smile. “Don’t worry, Miss Wu.” Xie Liangying bit his lip and sat down, never daring to look at the material again. Wei Shi finally picked one and put it on Xie Liangying’s shoulder. He nodded with satisfaction and said, “This is good. That’s it.” She also picked a few rolls,x70┬áline┬ápipe, as ingredients, “just a few, let the embroidery lady in the house do it quickly.”. Don’t make any mistakes. If anyone is neglected for a moment, I’ll see how I can spare her. Xie Liangying looked longingly at Wei Shi to make the decision for himself, and had no opinion at all, but instead gave birth to a security that the elders could rely on. She rested her chin on the back of her hand and watched Wei busy for herself. She was a little worried, Yan was ill,x70 line pipe, her grandmother was ill, and her grandparents were all away, so she couldn’t really go on stage and arrange everything for the wedding. There would be no taste of a new bride. Xie Liangying pursed his lips slightly and thought to himself. This is not the first time I married Xue Jian, but I feel more like a woman to be married than in my previous life. In her previous life, she married with guilt for the Xie family, but Xue Jian saw that she was really unhappy in the Xie family and forced the Xie family to let her pass earlier. It was an unforgettable wedding for Xie Liangying. It was obviously a once-in-a-lifetime marriage, but the Xie family had no expectations except for themselves. Wei Shi took a box of thumb-sized pearls and asked Mammy to send them with the material. Don’t use the beads. Use them all. Anyway, if you don’t use it at this time, the back will be yellow, so you might as well use it all. Xie Liangying hastened to stop him. “Where is the third sister and the fourth sister?” Wei Shi touched Xie Liangying’s head and smiled shallowly. “Don’t worry, they all have what you have.” She joked, “If I really dare to be too partial, uns s31803 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, aren’t I afraid that my second brother and sister will come to me?”? You know her temperament, and she is never willing to be a little worse than others. It’s all right if you miss her daughter. It’s like killing her. Xie Liangying thought about the way the first lady rushed aggressively to the main courtyard of the big house, rolled up her sleeves and got angry with Wei Shi, feeling a little funny. That’s right. Don’t think about what you have and what you don’t have. A girl who is about to be married should smile. Wei Shi has some feelings, although the words say so, but Xie Liangqing married that time, their mother is shut in the room crying all night. Wei Shi shook his head and told himself not to think about those unhappy things any more. She came to her senses and touched the material on the table. In fact, she is a little selfish. The rest of the material in the warehouse was the one that Ling liked, and it looked golden. Wei Shi can not love those, always feel some local rich man’s taste. The Wei family is a family with some inside information, and the old lady of Wei taught Wei what kind of material is not eye-catching, but also can be called a glance of the goods can be amazed in the heart. This time she completely took Xie Liangying’s marriage as Xie Liangqing’s comparison, everything according to the aesthetic and taste of the Wei family. She did not ask whether it was to Xie Liangying’s liking, because she knew it was the best choice for her. Xie Liangying can’t see it. Xue Chien is a new star, his family is very poor, and he himself has not been influenced by such a scholarly family. In a previous life, Xie Liangying had laughed at Xue Jian. What Yunyang Hou Fu needs is not the noise on the surface, but to lean towards the Wei family. Even if you can’t do it on the inside, you have to focus on this point on the surface. Wei Shi looked at the sky and asked the servants to put everything away. She took Xie Liangying by the hand and told her, “Don’t go out these days. You have to embroider some purses at home. When you get married, you have to give them to your elders..” Halfway through, she patted herself on the forehead. “Look at me, I’m too busy to remember.”. Where did the elders come from? She looked at Xie Liangying, who was giggling with her head tilted, and nodded her forehead. “You’re lucky. You don’t have to serve your mother-in-law.” Xie Liangying rubbed his forehead, heart way, no elders also have disadvantages ah, everything has to be on their own. Chapter 79. Although Wei Shi asked Xie Liangying not to go out before marriage, she could not stay. As soon as she was free, her mind was filled with the prospect of marriage, which disturbed her mind. Knowing that Wei Shi would not let himself go out, Xie Liangying changed into a man’s suit and let Shuangjue help him sneak out of the door. Outside, Xie Liangying felt that he was finally alive. The carriage was rented in advance by Shuang Jue, and it looked a little simpler than the Hsieh family’s. But can come out very good, Xie Liangying does not care about comfortable. Although it was stolen, Shuang Jue had carefully brought out some things that were commonly used and could be carried. The tea in the carriage was packed in a wooden tea box, and because there was no small stove, the method of cold brewing was used. In order to make the tea taste as soon as possible, it is not the green tea that we are used to drinking, but the fermented tea, which is a little angry. Xie’s family did not have this tea,uns c70600, but after he and Ann occasionally got it, they felt a little wild, and specially sent it to Xie Liangying.

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