KTA: Season 4 Is Revealed!

Lovers, it’s time for us to completely unveil what will add delight to Kamas Dofus Retro your next couple of months of gambling: Season 4 of those Krosmoz Tournaments Arena! Having studied the numerous e-sports formats applied to Dofus within many decades, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has combined with the best components in 2020: numerous competitive events available to anybody, a major listing of the greatest players, in addition to huge prizes! By sponsoring it ankama is thoroughly confident and has decided to once again help the organization.

KTA hosts PvP championships in Dofus based on a system that is seasonal. Three seasons have already run since 2018, and it’s time. This season is more ambitious than those before it, since it will feature more sophisticated tournament formats, along with prizes equaling the event’s scale. So from February to November, you’re going to get the opportunity to throw into aggressive PvP within 8 tournament periods’ course!

To a system it experimented with in Season 2, the KTA is going back for Season 4: Players will be split up into distinct degree leagues. Based upon your performance, you’ll have the option to combine 1 of 3 present leagues:The Bronze League brings an unlimited number of teams starting the KTA adventure together. The objective is to increase your rank! Teams that have distinguished themselves are accepted by the Silver League, and there are only 50 spots. The objective is to achieve the highest degree! The Gold League is composed of the top teams. Take note that this place is subject to change.

Five waves of league championships will take place. In each tournament, teams in the exact same league will face off. You may go down or up from the leagues depending on how you play in each championship, so nothing’s set in stone! In order for groups there will be a Placement Tournament. The top 8 teams will compete in the Gold League; the 50 will be in Silverand the rest will compete in Bronze. You are able to join the KTA through any tournament by registering for the League: Should you miss the Placement Tournament, to not worry!

Having been an event since KTA Season 1, Inglorium is very important to the PvP community. This tournament dismisses players all to be welcomed by leagues. In 2020, the tournament will occur between October and September. That gives you lots of time to plan beforehand, but don’t hesitate to mark your calendars today! The KT Finals close out each season of the KTA, bringing together the top 16 teams of the year to vie for the championship. This event will certainly consist of dofus kamas echo fine fine and gameplay prizes!

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