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“Mother-in-law, it’s me!” Cried a dark shadow in the shadow where the light of the fire could not shine. When Yan Lihua heard Xie Yinggang’s voice, she was so frightened that she stopped and asked, “Are you a person or a ghost?” Xie Yinggang walked out of the shadow, and the bright light of the fire shone on his forehead, which was covered with blood. He was so frightened that Yan Qingqing shouted: “Ghost!”! Ghost! “Qingqing,” said Xie Yinggang softly, “I’m not dead!” Yan Lihua was old and bold after all. Holding her daughter’s hand, she said, “Qing’er, don’t be afraid. He’s really not dead.” Although he kept calm as he spoke, he trembled slightly as he held his daughter’s hand because he did not believe that Xie Yinggang had not been poisoned to death. “Mother-in-law,” said Xie Yinggang slowly, “the three of us will have a look at the iron gate.” When Yan Lihua saw Yinggang approaching, there was a warm air, so she made sure that he was not dead. Although she was very confused, she was not afraid. She patted Yan Qingqing on the back of her hand and said, “Qing’er, you are sad for him. He is alive!” Yan Qingqing stepped forward and said in a trembling voice, “Elder brother, you can’t scare me..” “Do you still think I’m dead?” Asked Xie Yinggang, reaching out and grabbing her slender hand. When Yan Qingqing saw that he suddenly grabbed himself, he was instinctively startled. But when he realized that Xie Yinggang’s thick hands were warm and warm,Diameter tape measure, he was so happy that he rushed forward and shouted, “Elder brother, you really didn’t die. Thank God!” When Xie Yinggang saw her true feelings, he was so moved that his eyes were wet. He stroked her soft hair and sighed in a low voice: “God bless me. Before I die, I suddenly found’Seven Return Spirit Sand ‘!” Yan Lihua exclaimed, ” ‘Qi Hui Ling Sha’!”! Where? Come on! Where did you find it? “My son-in-law found it in the hands of the skeleton,” said Xie Yinggang. “Really?” Exclaimed Yan Lihua. In the voice, rush away. Xie Yinggang and Yan Qingqing came hand in hand. Yan Lihua was searching near the skeleton. Xie Yinggang asked,Surveyors tape measure, “What is my mother-in-law looking for?” Yan Lihua said urgently, “No more?”? Is there no more? Xie Yinggang said, “If Qi had returned to Lingsha, it would have been gone.” “Did you, did you, eat it all?” Said Yan Mianhua angrily. “I,” said Xie Yinggang, “I saw that it was the’Seven Return Spirit Sand. ‘I poured it all into my mouth and swallowed it all together..” Yan Lihua fell to her feet and sighed, “What a pity!”! It is a pity! Why did you eat it all, you fool, and leave nothing behind? Xie Yinggang took out a small iron box from his bosom and said, “I don’t know how much I have to eat to get rid of the poison, so I swallowed it all.” Yan Lihua grabbed the small iron box, opened it, and found that it was empty, as big as a grain of rice, Fiberglass tape measure ,tape measure clip, and there was nothing left. Yan Lihua shook her head angrily and said, “Fool!”! Idiot! This box of seven-return spirit sand can save dozens of lives, and you, swallow it in one mouthful, collapse such treasures, in fact, at most three grains are enough to detoxify the poison of the intestine-piercing flower in your body! The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. Especially as long as there were five or six grains left, she could practice the most difficult spirit in the world. It was a great pity to teach her. At that moment, she was so angry that she threw the iron box at Xie Yinggang and scolded him: “Big fool!” As soon as Xie Yinggang lowered his head, the iron box did not hit him, but hit the jade wall. The jade wall was so hard that it was not damaged at all. Instead, it smashed the iron box into pieces and fell to the ground one by one. Xie Yinggang thought to himself, “This iron box was the skeleton’s favorite thing when he was alive. After he died, he still held it in his hand. I ate the’Seven Return Spirit Sand ‘inside. I should put the iron box back in his hand.”. It turned out that as soon as he rushed into the dark hole covered by the jade pile, he tripped over a piece of jade at his feet and fell to the ground, but fell right in front of the skeleton. Looking up, he saw a small iron box on the palms of the sitting skeleton, engraved with the words: “Seven Return Spirit Sand!” He knew in his heart that “Qi Hui Ling Sha” was a wonderful medicine to detoxify intestinal flowers. He immediately took it without any consideration. After opening it, he poured it all into the mouth and swallowed it. Just wait for a small box of Lingsha to produce a large stream of cold air in the abdomen, back to the major acupoints of the whole body, where the pain immediately extinguished, but because the cold air swelled more and more, it seemed to burst the stomach, scared to lie on the ground and dare not move. In a daze, he heard Yan Qingqing sitting beside him crying. He wanted to sit up and ask her why she was crying, but his limbs were not obedient. It was impossible to shake his head. He could not even say a word. His whole body was swollen like a dead man by the cold air. What a mess! He’s really taken too much of that box of magic pills. If you eat a little less, you can not only get rid of the poison, but also use the cool air to practice extraordinary skills. Lying down, he could not get lucky, so he could only scurry around with the cold air of the four plugs. When the cold air gradually disappeared, although it dispelled the poison of the flower through the intestines, it was a pity that he could not use it. Otherwise, if he worked hard with the pithy formula of “flying across the magpie bridge”, he could become invincible. Only when the cool air produced by the “seven returns to the spirit sand” has completely disappeared, can he move. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 58 retribution for wrongs T/X/t small. Say 。 God. Don Xie Yinggang had a silly idea. Although he saw that the small iron box had been smashed by Yan Lihua, he still picked it up piece by piece and wrapped it in a sweat towel. “If I hold this sweat towel in the skeleton’s hand, I will return the small iron box to him,” he said. He only thought that the small iron box was the skeleton’s favorite thing before his death, but he didn’t know that the small iron box was not valuable. What was valuable was the “seven return spirit sand” inside. The skeleton cherished the “seven return spirit sand”, so he held it in his hands. It was not surprising that the iron box was made of a few pieces of iron. Xie Yinggang picked up the broken iron and wrapped it up carefully, for fear that if a piece fell out, it would not represent the complete small iron box. Holding the bag of broken iron in both hands, he went to the skull seat and knelt down. He was about to put it on the palm of the white bone when suddenly he said, “Eh.”. He picked up a golden chrysanthemum from the foot of the skeleton and thought to himself, “This is the unique hidden weapon of the Golden Chrysanthemum Gate. How did it fall here?” Just as he was about to see what words were carved in the stamens of the golden chrysanthemum, Yan Lihua snatched the golden chrysanthemum hidden weapon from behind him and said, “Let me have a look.” Although Xie Yinggang saw that Yan Lihua’s action was inexplicable, he didn’t care and took out a lot of hidden weapons from the skull. Picking up hidden weapons include: poison dart, poison arrow,Wheel tape measure, poison disease Li, as well as non-toxic iron rosary chess pieces and other strange hidden weapons, a total of more than 10 kinds. tapemeasure.net

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