Its clear that the people responsible for RS3

07 has no mtx so that they must make a game that is fantastic. 1 of our latest RS3 streams was literally them talking about”improving” mtx and which makes it more”healthful” when in fact we both know Old School RuneScape GoldĀ  mtx won’t ever be phased as they tease us occasionally about if cosmetic mtx was a hit. No updates past year. I havent and RS3 played for a year. Got tired began playing with 07. Using a blast. Surveys are using a state feels great and enjoyable af. A partner of mine who’s currently playing with me requested mod ash with potions that were celestial to get a qol and in a week it gets added. RS3 you’d be lucky if ur suggestion was even considered by a dev.

Its a joke. Its clear that the people responsible for RS3 have no clue whats good for RuneScape. Its fault, but they’re advised it isnt important and to just make the next update. They are disorganized and they have admitted they are (mod warden has said so and how he’s shocked). Its a joke that I see an 07 flow, and they talk about these suggestions, future changes, and changes they aren’t being left to die and they have done. Make sure that they get it done correctly and they will fix it.

Meanwhile, RS3 is it talks about any questions that are challenging about mtx and doesnt talk. Content left to be ass for 1-2 years and is made before being addressed. Nightmare can get patches to make her better. Solak for example, one of RS3s latest bosses (2 years ago btw) has finally got climbing and is semi-popular after being a deceased boss for almost 2 decades. They still should address 1 more thing (they said they are) to make the boss finally finished. Its a joke. Again, perhaps not the fault per say.

What bothers me is that the devs of RuneScape only care what elitist or a few manufacturer has to say about the game. They dont do it and take feedback. If some high 0.01% elisits complains into a jmod theyll be sure to fix it. Jmods care rather than what it is they are asking about who the person is too much. annoying. Mod ash will respond to a noob who’s lvl 50 and actually have a conversation together. You have to comprehend the players, not attempt and make the players understand you.

But yeah. RS3 is just a show atm. RS3 is fucking gon t die if the skill and also the bosses that come with it are ass. Mtx mobile sport. Ever since they invested resources into cellular they admitted has delayed upgrades RuneScape has gone to shit. 07 is suited to cellular, not RS3. My only issue with 07 would be the 3rd party clients, as I find a lot of the attributes ruin the immersion and lots of the challenge from RuneScape. Things I dont like comprise when things will respawn items and tile markers revealing. Dont like the robotic character of it. I am able to deal with it though as im just playing to have fun (hope they eliminate it though eventually -shrug-).

This subreddit functions like folks die without any means of escaping left and right in buy RuneScape gold

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