Is activated carbon suitable for you?

Activated carbon is odorless and cannot be absorbed by human body. It has a long history in the medical field. Activated carbon is a decontamination agent for gastrointestinal problems. It can combine with toxins in the intestinal system to reduce its absorption. It has been used in a variety of digestive problems, even as an antidote, and has been prescribed instead of the more invasive gastric method. The “activated” part of charcoal is produced by processing at very high temperatures to increase its surface area, making it more porous. It also carries a negative charge on the charcoal. This makes it easy to combine (rather than absorb) with various compounds. Unable to digest, activated carbon absorbs and absorbs positively charged molecules from the body – impurities, chemicals, toxins and free radicals. Charcoal effectively binds toxins, drugs, alcohol and bacteria to your blood system before they enter the system. Removing sources that can cause inflammation, dehydration and aging can affect your skin and protect it from the effects of a healthy, transparent glow.


Many people have begun to use natural whitening agents with activated carbon and found it to be a more effective solution Рno harmful toxins. Although some may think that tooth cleaning with activated carbon is a new trend, charcoal itself has become the indigenous method of tooth cleaning handed down from generation to generation in rural areas of Africa, South Asia and Tanzania. Pearl white teeth are the main driving force for the use of natural activated carbon whitening agents, but the main valuable benefit is that it can also eliminate bacteria and pathogens in the mouth, and protect teeth from tooth decay. With so many popular household tooth whitening products, you have to read the label. Many products are full of irritating, potentially harmful chemicals. If you want to buy high quality activated carbon, ningxia yongruida manufacturer can meet your wish. We produce different kinds of activated carbon. If you need, please contact us.


Activated carbon is an important component of natural deodorization. Activated carbon absorbs and absorbs impurities and bacteria from pores. The detoxification properties of activated carbon help to eliminate body odor without irritating chemicals or compounds. Activated carbon effectively absorbs moisture, thus minimizing axillary moisture. Charcoal deodorant is a healthy alternative to traditional deodorant and can be used as a daily detoxification agent, especially when paired with magnesium hydroxide to neutralize odor.


Activated carbon can be found in many body care products, including beauty bars, shampoo, sponge and mask. Through proper moisturizing, activated carbon can help acne prone and oily skin, combine with small impurities, clean pores and slightly exfoliate skin. Charcoal combines with tiny impurities in the skin, such as dirt, bacteria, and grease, to keep pores clean and remove debris that causes inflammation. Moreover, because of its tough texture, it can remove cutin from the skin very well.


Unlike ordinary charcoal, activated carbon is not a carcinogen and is considered to have medicinal value. It is a by-product of slow burning wood, peat or coconut shell, and is treated with oxygen to make it highly porous and nonpolar. Therefore, when you think of activated carbon, please consider detoxification. Activated carbon has been used as a scientifically proven water filtration method for a long time, removing toxic heavy metals and fluoride, and drinking water is safer. In such a large number of easy, accessible and innovative media (such as supplements, tooth whitening power, deodorants, beverages, food, facial mask, shampoo, etc.), the strong potential for safe absorption of toxins is a solid foundation for active consideration of active carbon. In addition, if you need bituminous coal activated carbon, you can buy it online.


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