Instead of spraying and running the risk

As you look to start spring-cleaning you don’t want to skip over the windows and doors. While these pieces of your home are commonly overlooked, taking some time to get them back in tip top shape will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your living space. Think about how many times hands come into contact with these locations. If nothing else, getting rid of some of the germs and provided a clear place for the sun to shine in will be well worth all of the effort. Frames: Windows and doors are usually framed. A door will have a wood frame. You will notice pieces of wood that go all the way around. You can begin your cleaning here. Soak a cloth in warm water. Ring it out and begin at the top and work your way down. Frequently rinse out the cloth and start again. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust that tends to build up in this area; especially on the top board. Because most people don’t see the top on a daily basis, they have no idea just how dirty it can get.

If you find scuffmarks or other hard to get smudges, you can gently rub a “Magic Eraser” in those areas. As a note strut fitting Suppliers of caution: if you scrub too hard, there is a chance that you will begin to take off the paint. Begin to gently move the eraser in circles to see if the marks are coming up. If not, don’t press too hard. If there are several of these marks throughout the home it may be time to paint. A window has a different set up as far as a frame goes. In this case, just clean the area of the wall that comes into contact with it. You can use the cloth and even the eraser if you are very careful. In the same way as wood, you may be surprised to find the dirt sitting on the bottom of the frame. Handles: Windows and doors have handles that make them easy to open and close. You want to use a cleaner that will not only kill bacteria, but also get out some of the dirt and grime that can be found here.

Instead of spraying and running the risk of messing up the finish of the windows and doors, try spraying on a cloth and then rubbing the handles. When it comes to cleaning, you may want to make this more of a part of your regular routine. It takes just a little bit of time at each location, but can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. Glass or Wood: Windows and doors are made of different materials and each should be cleaned with different products. Use glass cleaner or make your own with a mix of vinegar and water. You can clean the inside and the outside of a window and it will make looking inside or outside that much more enjoyable. When it comes to wood, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down this area as well. Take your time and look for not only dirt, but also scuffmarks and other things that detract from the overall appearance.

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