Initially, when tents came into pvc fabric waterproof

Initially, when tents came into pvc fabric waterproof, people used to make tents with the fabrics which were quite heavy. It was very difficult to carry them all along the way and also used to take much time and efforts to set them. Thus, people thought to use the army duck fabric which was actually a brilliant idea. The army duck fabric was comparatively lighter in weight than what people used to bring in use at that time. Moreover, it has various qualities which are helpful in the robust conditions. Thus, in this way this fabric got its first recognition.

Additionally, if we talk about the current era then, you will find that this fabric can be used to make out several types of kitchen friendly outfits or clothes. For example: Baking gloves, aprons and a lot more. Well, it is all because of the collaboration of this fabric with the latest technology.

What are the areas where army duck can be used?

Besides making some kitchen friendly clothes, army duck fabric can be used in the construction sites. It is so because army duck fabric can be resistance to water and anti mildew which help in letting the object to last long. Its chemical resistant characteristic makes it ideal to be used in the laboratory or labs. Also, painters or artists can bring this fabric in use as their painting canvas. Generally, people can use this fabric as a vehicle cover which can protect the vehicles from sun, heat and rain.

Army duck fabric is available in many of the clothing stores these days and thus, use can buy this to use for multipurpose.

Lehengas have become quite popular attire

nowadays. Not only are women wearing them to various formal occasions, they are

also opting for lehengas on their wedding day. Specially made lehengas, mean…

Lehengas have become quite popular attire

nowadays. Not only are women wearing them to various formal occasions, they are

also opting for lehengas on their wedding day. Specially made lehengas, meant

for weddings, are known as bridal lehengas. Bridal lehengas

are gorgeous, mystical, alluring and most of all beautifully embellished. The

major reason for wearing a lehenga is that it flatters the typical Indian

figure which makes every bride look amazing on her wedding day.

The numerous varieties in style and cut make it possible for

any woman to wear a lehenga on her wedding day. It is easy to make a

distinctive style statement with an elaborate lehenga. For a personal statement

that reflects your personality, you can opt for designer lehengas

that are custom made to your specifications. Custom made lehengas have an

exclusive design that really makes a bride unique.

Color, design and style of lehengas should be chosen

according to the personality of the bride. Keeping in mind the complexion, body

type, height etc of the bride, the lehenga can be fit to

bring out the good points in her looks and hide her flaws. Choose colors, cuts,

fabrics and designs that flatter you and watch the compliments roll in. Your

wedding is bound to become a wonderful affair if your clothes match up to your


The rising trends in bridal lehengas have

also led to newer varieties in cuts and styles. The latest styles that are

making the rounds right now are fish cut lehengas and

lehengas made of net. But, as is well known, change in trends is constant. New

trends are made and broken everyday. However, one trend that will always be

there is that of Silk lehengas. The silk lehengas is a time honored favorite

and has been around for ages. Its charm never diminishes and it is worn by

brides even today.

Silk fabric has been used for fancy clothes since ages. The

elegance provided by silk outfits is unmatchable. Wearing an outfit made of

silk instantly makes you look more glamorous and sophisticated. Moreover, silk

is a very versatile fabric. It is comfortable and durable, qualities which make

it a very popular choice when it comes to choosing fabrics for fancy outfits

such as bridal wear. Silk is comfortable in all seasons. It never shrinks,

retains its shape under all conditions and maintains its luster for a long


Wedding dresses made out of silk is a style statement of its

own. Silk bridal lehengas have a

luxurious and glamorous feel to them which makes them well liked by all Indian

brides. The glamour quotient of silk is very high. It can be embellished with

beads, zari work, zardosi, stones, crystals, mirrors, appliqu├ęs, sequins and

much more to enhance its looks.

Silk Designer Lehengas have their

own value in wedding outfits. They look attractive and increase the beauty of

the bride. Silk bridal lehengas are very much in demand nowadays and are sure

to make any woman feel like a princess on her wedding day.

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