Im choosing lvl 70 assault and strength so that I can use dhoraks axe.

Im choosing lvl 70 assault and strength so that I can use dhoraks axe. I will get 70 power , then strike. After I get these two stats I could use a whip and dhoraks axe to prepare protection. So where should i train? Also if u have a fantastic place to RS gold train should I alter any equipment for quicker exp gain? I began playing runescape approximately 8 months ago, after the wilderness updates happened so I’ve never PKed anyone or been PKed. I went onto a Pvp world only a couple of miniutes ago and almost got killed by a level 95 (I’m level 106). Luckily, I had my ring of wealth on and got teleported back to Lumbridge together with all of my things with me.I know theres a way to get construction levels without leaving your house with a servent, I saw a screenie of the inventory required which was like a heap of money saw/hammer etc.. Could anybody walk me through the exact process of finding the servent to run to the bank for you without leaving your house? I truly love this, up to my existing level 63 con, ive always just run to and from your lender. Alright, I have gone through this process before. I recommend the Butler, good time and adequate price. Here are a few facts and tips you need to understand before I go into detail… All servants will probably demand wages after 8 activities, an action being going to the bank to retrieve items, or going to the sawmill to cut logs.

The butler will drift off, and I advise that you build Kitchen Tables (oak), and have a Dining Room with a Rope Pulley nearby. If you can’t utilize a butler, utilize the maximum possible. Ask him to bring you boards from the bank. You ought to have 25 free inventory spaces, and with Oak Kitchen Tables requiring 3 planks each, you may want him to deliver you 24 planks, so you have 1 free inventory space. A teleport perhaps. Even though the butler is gone, I recommend you ruin your present Kitchen Table. Make sure that you’re in a pretty free area, so that if the butler returns he does not get stuck behind obstacles. When he returns with your planks, simply assemble and destroy kitchen tables. When you are ready, talk to the Butler again. If he’s wandered off, then pull your local Rope Pulley to summon him. Then continue that process, and calculate how much money you want.

I had been considering tanking avansies and I had been wondering what armour I should take. Im about 40k exp from 70 range and I still need to do the temple of Ivok pursuit to acquire the Armadyl Pendant. Is this a good set up or is there anything I need to replace or take?

Iv got 72 variety and im going to perform the roving elves pursuit but im not sure about getting the bow only get like 2000 some arrows I think and u have to buy RuneScape gold keep fixing um,if I get one ill get enough money to create the charges down to 100k, im just not sure wat to utilize it where, or even wat to use it, so im not certain if I might b wasteing my cash or not.

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