I was almost stunned when I found out that it is washable

HV trader’s anti-pollution mask can effectively protect you from the harmful effects of air pollution. It has a breathable composition and is made of high-quality cotton. You can use it for the daily purpose for various sports such as cycling, hiking, etc. The package dimension of this pollution mask is eight × eight × 5 cm, and the brand is HV traders. The most common size is S, and this pollution mask is available in two colors, which are white and yellow. It can be an ideal anti-pollution mask for COVID for you and your little ones. Even in COVID times, I am using it, and I believe it is beautiful.
HV traders anti-pollution mask n99 uses a double layer filtration technology that can block even the smallest dust particles. This face cover mask is made of a high-quality cotton filter that doesn’t only block dust and ashes but can block the entry of viruses, bacteria, haze, etc. Its double layer filtration technology increases the filtration capacity by 50% compared to other masks.

Is it washable?I was almost stunned when I found out that it is washable. The most exceptional quality of this mask is that it is washable. You can wash it whenever you want. Though it has a double filtration technology, it doesn’t use electrostatic charges or anything to prevent the entry of small dust particles, and that’s why it is convenient to wash. You must rinse this pollution mask regularly and keep it clean. I am a cyclist, and I prefer to wash it daily.

What is the respiratory valve on the mask?This pollution mask consists of a respiratory valve that allows the hot exhaled air to be released in the environment. It helps me in breathing. A valve mask is present in all types of pollution masks that are generally used in activities like cycling, running, etc. The respiratory valve is not a filter and doesn’t also have  Protection Gown Material Manufacturer in China filtration properties.

ConclusionH.V TRADERS Latest Double Filter Anti Pollution Mask is the best option to own to protect from pollution and dust. Though, I have listed other masks with low and high price options. You should opt-in any of the above. But N99 masks are known to be the best when it comes to protecting yourself from Air pollution.

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