How to use the safety belt and rope correctly

To tighten the belt, the waist buckle assembly must be fastened; when using the seat belt for hanging work, the hook should not be hooked directly on the belt rope, and should be hooked on the loop of the seat belt rope; On the components that are not strong or have sharp angles; use the same type of seat belts, the parts can not be replaced without authorization; the seat belts that are seriously impacted can not be used even if the appearance is unchanged; it is strictly prohibited to use the safety belt to transmit heavy objects; To be hung on the top and secure, the height is not lower than the rope

In order to ensure that the high-altitude workers always have safety guarantee during the movement process, when carrying out special dangerous work, it is required to hang on the safety rope while fastening the seat belt. It is forbidden to use hemp ropes for safety ropes. Use a long rope of 3 meters or more to add a buffer. A safety rope cannot be used by two people at the same time. Differential protector, self-locking device should be inspected before use. The self-locking hook should be hung on the seat belt metal ring. Self-locking devices that have been severely impacted should be discontinued.
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