How Much Vaping costs vs. cigarette costs in Dubai?

E-cigarettes and vapes might look expensive, but smoking conventional cigarettes will cost you more than vaping. Here in Dubai, you can buy a vape or any other e-cigarette for as low as 40 Dirhams, giving you 2500 puffs. Conventional cigarettes cost 20 Dirhams for one pack containing 20 sticks – which clearly cannot give you even just a thousand puffs.

The prices are considered on average since various vapes and cigarettes are on display in convenience stores and on the internet. The prices of vapes and e-cigarettes can go up to as high as 500 Dirhams depending on the e-juice, the tank, and the mod/battery. In the same sense, conventional cigarettes can cost higher depending on their quality. Nevertheless, if we do the math, vapes can be more economical than cigarettes.

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