Hot-shot president

It was not until the thin and stylish male figure was hidden behind the bathroom door that Zhang Yunping suddenly came to her senses. The originally charming and charming beauty suddenly sank, her eyebrows slightly frowned, and her eyes showed a trace of anger and unwillingness. After meeting Luo Zhengyu, president of the Yasheng Computer Technology Company, who has become more and more famous in the past two years, at a business banquet, she was deeply moved by his elegant and calm gestures and his considerate and elegant demeanor towards women. After trying for a long time, she finally caught his weak willpower last night and abducted him. Who would have thought that when he woke up, the strong plunder and aggression in his eyes last night had completely disappeared, and he had restored his usual gentle attitude and left her without any nostalgia! This is too derogatory to her female self-esteem. However, she was not so angry that she lost her reason and impulsively decided to give up this high-quality object. Anyway, the future is long, she can. The color of anger turned into an enchanting smile again, and Zhang Yunping got up and got out of bed and walked to the dressing room at the other end of the room. On Dunhua South Road, in front of a magnificent building, a bright red car stopped beside the sidewalk. “Your company is here.” Chang Yun-ping, who was in the driver’s seat, turned to the man and smiled, “I don’t think I missed your meeting.” “Yes.” Luo Cheng-yu smiled. “Thank you for this trip.”. Thank you “Do we need to be so polite now?” Chang Yun-ping was slightly angry, and then said in a relaxed tone, “Go to the meeting quickly!”! Shall we contact again? Luo Zhengyu did not respond, smiled and said goodbye, then opened the door and got off, went directly into the building without looking back, of course, did not see the expression on Zhang Yunping’s face. Stepping into the very grand hall, Luo Zhengyu walked towards the elevator on the left, with a touch of deep thought in his eyes. His personality is more self-disciplined, and he doesn’t like to get into trouble. Even after “Yasheng” became famous, he attracted many women who took the initiative to pursue him, but he didn’t accept it easily, and even responded by “turning a blind eye.”. However, Chang Yun-ping is a very intelligent woman, and when his defense line was only slightly relaxed, she immediately became aware of it and took advantage of it, which is why there was a “reunion” last night. But he doesn’t appreciate such “skillful” women so much. When Luo Zhengyu stepped into the elevator and pressed the button on the 21st floor where the Yasheng Computer Technology Company is located, and then pressed the button to close the door, a series of urgent calls came in an instant. “Hey, hey!”! Please wait for the elevator. Luo Zhengyu pointed and intuitively pressed the button to open the door. At this time, inflatable castle with slide , a tiny green shadow rushed straight into the elevator and thanked him repeatedly. Thank you! If I wait for the next elevator, I’ll definitely be late! “No thanks.” When the elevator door closes, Luo Cheng-yu asks thoughtfully, “Which floor are you going to?” “21st floor, thank you!” Ouyang Xuan glanced up at the only light on the panel. “Are you going to the 21st floor, too?”? What a coincidence. After taking a glance at the “kind-hearted person” standing in front of the panel, she immediately lowered her head again and continued to do what she had not done before. Who said you have to wear a suit when you apply for a job? Ouyang Xuan pulled the clothes on her body and complained secretly in her heart. Is such a restrained suit really the standard dress for office workers? It’s really hard for her to accept this “standard”! In particular, this “sponsored” suit by her cousin is really not very comfortable, and before she went out, her roommate Fen Fen shook her head at the suit she was wearing. The more Ouyang Xuan thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. On impulse, she turned to the man beside her, who was at least two heads taller than her. “Sir..” “What’s up?” Luo Zhengyu answered politely. There were only two people in the elevator, and he certainly didn’t think they were asking questions about the air or the walls. But because he was accosted too often, his eyebrows were still slightly wrinkled when he heard the voice of the woman beside him. You think I really look like a.. Watermelon? Even though the other party was just a stranger who took the elevator together, Ouyang Xuan still raised questions in his mind. Luo Zhengyu was stunned by the words that came into his ears, and for a moment he could not make a sound, and his surprised eyes fell straight on the woman beside him. In fact, he had long been aware of the awkward movements of the petite woman beside him, but because they were strangers, even if her destination was his company, he could only ignore it. But now that the other side had asked such a strange question, he simply looked at the woman beside him carefully. Shoulder-length red hair surrounded a small face, and a pair of large and round eyes flashed with distress, which looked interesting. As for her bright green and pure white striped jacket and dark green mid-length narrow skirt, it does look a little strange and abrupt, and the color is very easy to trigger other associations. “Really like a watermelon?!” Seeing a smile in the other’s eyes, Ouyang Xuan asked again in surprise and suspicion. Is it difficult for my roommate to tell the truth instead of a malicious pastime?! “No!” Pressing down his smile, Luo Cheng-yu curled his eyes slightly, and his tone was very “sincere.”. “Really?” Ouyang Xuan looked at him suspiciously, always feeling that he spoke insincerely. “Really, there’s nothing wrong with your clothes.” Luo Zhengyu stressed. “Just..” “Just what?” Ouyang Xuan couldn’t wait to ask. At this moment, the elevator door opened with a “ding”. “It’s just that green doesn’t seem to suit you.” After finishing speaking, Luo Zhengyu nodded slightly and then stepped out of the elevator. Ouyang Xuan was stunned until the elevator door closed, then suddenly came to his senses, rushed to the panel in a hurry, and pressed the button to open the door. When the elevator door opened again, she stepped out of the elevator and went to the reception counter of the “Yasheng Computer Technology Company” where she was going to apply for a job today. The man who was in the same elevator with her had long disappeared. In order to cope with the increasingly busy business, “Adsun Computer Technology Company” has already recruited talents twice this year, and this time, in addition to recruiting professional computer hardware engineers and software designers, it also includes secretaries and assistants from various departments. Lin Bojun,Inflatable outdoor park, the general manager of the business department, who is also the head of the personnel department, reached for the top one of a stack of resumes on his desk and was about to invite the next candidate in for an interview when another door on the left side of the office suddenly opened and Luo Zhengyu came in.

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