Hinged Clips are known to offer piping systems a secure

Fastening tools are very important in different domestic as well as industrial uses. Fastening tools such as Plastic Pipe Clips are used for holding different types of pipes on to a wall or any other type of surface. They are widely used in water supply systems for fixing and holding the water pipes. They are also used for holding pipes that transport and discharge industrial waste and chemicals because most of them are strong and corrosion resistant. There are many Plastic Pipe Clips Manufacturer and Plastic Pipe Clips Exporter based in Mauritius who provides non toxic, anti bacterial and strong Plastic Pipe Clips at very reasonable prices.

Different types of Pipe Clips

Hinged Clip: Hinged Clips are known to offer piping systems a secure and strong support. This type of pipe clips has China Push In Fittings for sale  self locking tops that help to place a pipe and also open it for changing them a number of times. The lock is moulded to the clip that makes them almost unbreakable for a long period of time. They are made out of very strong materials.

Single Hinged Clip: In this type of pipe clips only one size of pipes can be locked, but they are available in various sizes for pipes of different diameters. They are also equipped with locking system.

Double Hinged Clip: This type of clips can hold two pipes simultaneously but there is only one single locking system. This type of clips is used widely for supplying water.

Spacer Clip: They are used for offering greater clearance and spacing between pipes. They can also be strong in nature.

Identification Clips: As the name suggests Identification Clips are used with pipes to help in identifying pipes that carry only one type of fluid. They are mostly useful in industries that deal with different types of fluids. They are mostly used in harsh and hostile conditions, as domestic usage is very rare.

Snap-In Open Clip: This type of pipe clips has an open mouth but pipes of perfect size can be snapped in that keeps them fixed in one position. They do not let go of the pipes and are very reliable.

Nail-In Clip: This type of pipe clips use a nail to fix themselves on to a surface.

It is a very important accessory that helps in safe and disciplined set up of piping systems. Many Plastic Pipe Clamps Clips Suppliers, and Polypropylene Pipe Clips Manufacturers based in Mauritius are known for their unique and top quality products.

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