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The 26th of October, 2010, was the date on which the Income Automation System, by Jonny Andrews was presented to the internet marketing world. Six prefabricated niche blog templates are included with the revolutionary Instant Site Robot WordPress plugin, at the low offering price of $97 for the base product. The only paid tool he uses is the Market Samurai, which he uses in conjunction with free tools, Google Keyword for keyword activity, and the microsoft adcenter for the discovery of commercial intenet.

Having found a keyword with substantial commercial intent, which enhances the possibility of conversion (increasing your CTR) you can then create a SEO appropriate keyword laden WordPress Blog. You can easily initialize the Instant Site Robot, the process is demonstrated not only in the base product, but in an instructional video which will be placed into your administration panel, along with the plugin itself. The installation of the Instant Site Robot automatically results in the completion of several house keeping chores, such as the clean up of WordPress links, and the optimization of the permalink structure. You can get content from several sources, Youtube, Yahoo Answers, Ezine Articles and several other sources, after inputting a range of variables, including the broad form of your keyword category and others explained in the video.
The default positions on the Instant Site Robot have been configured for immediate functionality, so little technical knowledge is required to operate the plugin. Simple adjustments in the settings on the Instant Site Robot will allow you to ensure optimal results for a given session, including the settings for SEO friendly external links, and the filtering of foul language. The commercial intent of a targeted keyword phrase is essential for overall blog performance, however, a broad keyword term will yeild approraite response from the Instant Site Robot, newly added content can be automatically added, or Chinese 3 axis servo robot arm you may look over and edit each post before publishing. The date range selections allow the ability to send the Instant Site Robot back in time to gather content over the entire input range, this allows you to create the impression that your blog has been online for a period of time, lending authority and credibility. You then scroll to the bottom of the settings page, locate the button marked “get content” and you are off to the races, with up to 20 new posts created from existing content on YouTube, Yahoo, or the Ezines, you wind up with a content rich blog as a result of the procedure. All of the newly added posts contain a redirect link, either to another page on your blog which serves as a presell page, or to an external page, either an affiliate hoplink page or video.

The highly secret traffic methods Jonny proposes had not been revealed, either in his promotional blog, or in the Sales webinar, however, as we have become members of his community, EliKen Marketing has been afforded the opportunity of using the SEO automation software that is an optional part of the system. The IAS Traffic Storm, which includes a platform for spinning articles and press releases, as well as a browser driven application for autosubmission to All major categories in SEO link building, has made the chore of SEO free traffic driving data input, the creation of Links, into a more manageable task.
The possession of the autosubmission software and article spinning device, has enabled us to scale our monetized blog building over a broad range of sustainable blogs, resulting in an aggregate leap in traffic and subscriptions, that has breathed a sigh of relief into our small and highly overworked staff.

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