For many years, Caterpillar had a great reputation among the construction

For most professional construction contractors, your decision of which excavator machine to rent can have huge implications for their project. The right device needs to have the power to Cat Scratcher manufacturers have the job done punctually, but it also shouldn’t cost so much that you cannot make money.

Whenever deciding on an excavator, a lot of construction equipment rental companies offer consumers between a Caterpillar plus a Komatsu machine. While which will machines have familiar labels, which one is better for the job? We compared both equally excavators to find out the solution.


For many years, Caterpillar had a great reputation among the construction community for producing a high quality device. In recent years, still a number of competitors have greatly improved the quality of many, while Caterpillar has struggled with some issues at their foreign factories. There are now a lot of construction managers who are reporting problems with Caterpillar excavators.

Komatsu Engine Parts saw the opening in this market, and it has moved to greatly increase the quality of their equipment. Today, many construction administrators swear by their own Komatsu excavators. As they are manufactured outside the United States, still many have reported that discovering replacement parts is problematic. This may make them less than perfect in areas where obtaining auto parts is a matter.


When you compare purchase prices, Caterpillar devices have long been significantly more costly than Komatsu. This price distinction has carried over to the leasing market, where construction equipment leasing companies justify higher prices upon Caterpillar rentals because they possess a higher overhead.

Recently, still Komatsu has instituted a number of price increases to overlap with their greater focus on performance and quality. Furthermore, the imported parts required for Komatsu repairs has meant that rental companies must pay more for repair job. Together, these two factors have meant that many rental businesses are charging nearly the amount for excavators through Komatsu and Caterpillar. The main in perceived quality continues to be disappearing, leading many building managers to no longer view the value in paying extra for the Komatsu machine.

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