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Fortunately, work has distracted my attention. Reminded by Yue Lin, we made another visit to the five Lu Haiyang whom we had never met. This time we found something new. One of them, Lu Haiyang, was called a business trip by his family last time. This time we went to his work unit to inquire, but the unit said that he had not been sent on a business trip at all, but his family had asked for personal leave on his behalf, and he had not come for a while. We visited his home again and met the middle-aged woman we had seen last time, Zhu Hongmei, the wife of Lu Haiyang. It’s you again! This time she looked impatient and said rudely, “What on earth do you want to do?”? Do you still let people live in peace? We patiently asked her again where Lu Haiyang was. Didn’t I tell you last time? On a business trip! “Where are you going on business?” She said a city casually. We asked again, and she changed the location again. Her attitude is so unserious that she has no patience to pretend to be serious. This is a very abnormal phenomenon. It’s a business trip anyway, and I don’t know where he’s going. At last she simply said so. I calmly told Zhu Hongmei that we had gone to Zhu Haiyang’s work unit to investigate, and the unit said that Zhu Hongmei had asked for personal leave for her husband. Zhu Hongmei listened to me and her face changed slightly. You tell me first,shuttle rack system, what do you want to do with him? She asked, after a moment’s consideration. At the same time, the eyes looked us up and down with a little wariness. We told him truthfully that there was a case that might be related to Lu Haiyang. I hope we can meet him so that we can investigate and understand the situation. Zhu Hongmei is much more serious now, frowning, her eyes are somewhat uncertain,medium duty racking, and it is obvious that she is doing something in her heart. Finally, Zhu Hongmei lowered her eyes and said, “He is really not on a business trip.”. But he did go out of town. I don’t know where he went. He didn’t tell me where. “Aren’t you husband and wife?” Lin Guangyuan couldn’t help but raise his voice. “He’s been out for so many days. You don’t know where he is?” Zhu Hongmei was silent for a few seconds. We all stared at her face. She raised her eyes and they met mine. I saw a faint fear in her eyes. But she turned her eyes away from us and said in an indifferent tone, “What’s impossible about that?”? We had a quarrel. He ran away from home in a fit of anger. With that, she slammed the door as if to avoid disaster. W w w/Xiao Shu otx t. Comtxt Xiaoshuo Tiantang Chapter 7 encounter plot 1 I can vaguely imagine the pressure Zhu Hongmei is under. In the following contact, she gritted her teeth and continued to wrap things up, even if she was suspected of being avoided by ordinary people, she refused to tell us the truth. After two or three rounds, she had a set of words that were not easy to break through to explain the disappearance of Lu Haiyang and her unusual attitude towards it. We knew it was a lie, but it was difficult to find evidence to expose her for a while, teardrop pallet racking ,radio shuttle racking, so we had to stop the investigation. In contrast to our depression, Yue Lin’s life is in chaos. In spite of her efforts to hide it, the signs could not be hidden from my eyes. Sometimes her hair was just thrown back in random bunches; sometimes she didn’t change her clothes for days. She’s hardly ever late anymore, but she often leaves early. Her face was tired and there were obvious dark circles under her eyes. She is more impatient and irritable than ever, and she doesn’t joke with her subordinates much after work. I finally could not help, quietly looking for an opportunity to ask her: “Lao Zhu has not come back?” She shook her head in silence. You didn’t talk to him? I knew it must be superfluous, but I asked anyway. There’s no time to look. She answered wearily. I believe she is telling the truth. I watched her become haggard and silent in just a few days. Now she gives half of herself to her work and half to her children. I called, but his cell phone number changed, and the people in the company always said he was not there. I know he’s avoiding me. Fan Feng Hua’s Reasoning Suspense Series “Why Did Lao Zhu Do This?” I don’t understand. This is not the image of Zhu Wenjie in my memory. I said to Yue Lin, “I have worked with him, and this is not his style.”. Does he have any difficulties? Yue Lin glanced at me. She was thinner and her eyes were slightly sunken. Because of the light, the shadow on his face looked a little sad. “Who am I going to ask now?” She asked disappointedly? He only left a piece of paper as a notice to me. My mind and my life are all messed up. I have always believed that before a thing develops to a certain result, there must be a corresponding process of change. Otherwise, it often belongs to the consequences caused by “force majeure”, such as natural disasters or man-made disasters. Although Zhu Wenjie and I used to have a close relationship, we are two isolated individuals in our lives, and my observation and understanding of him is bound to have considerable limitations. But even so, I was more or less aware of the discord between him and Yue Lin, and even had a premonition of some bad signs. Now, however, Yue Lin, as his wife who has lived with him for many years, is completely at a loss about such an important move. Yue Lin, have you never had a premonition before? This is Yue Lin’s private affair. I’m not supposed to ask. But I can’t just sit back and watch. She looked ahead in a trance and thought for a long time before she said, “I have asked myself this question many times.”. But I still can’t give myself an accurate answer. She looked at me, her eyes black and white. “You may find it hard to understand, but it’s true.”. In my family life, I may not have much time to be intimate with him, but I trust him 100% in my heart, without any suspicion. I thought, I cherish this family very much; he, although sometimes will complain that I ignore the family, but it is just a common complaint between husband and wife. But when I saw the letter he left that day,Automated warehouse systems, so simple and resolute that I didn’t even bother to explain it, I thought, I’m really a failure.. “He wrote as if he thought you should understand what was going on.” I say.

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