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Essay writing to many students will never be a semi-automatic cookie machine piece of cake and this is because most of them do not embrace writing; meaning that, they probably hate anything that involves writing and to top it all, it was not their favorite subject.
But, one thing everyone must understand is that, no matter what a phd statement of purpose must be written and if they will reach in that level, they too will be required to do the same. Most people usually worry whether they are the first persons to go through this but, what they do not know is that, there are a number of students who have done the same and in the process ended up getting one or even failing. At times you will find that, there are also students who apply for internships in various learning institutions and together with their application letter they are also supposed to write a good statement of purpose for internship so that the committee can determine whether they are fit for the position or not and if you are keen enough you will be able to secure one yourself.
Having a professionally well written statement is the only link that is required by the board in order for one to earn a position in a certain college and therefore, showing them that you are capable of delivering such kind of an essay, then you can rest assured that, you will be able to get in. Nowadays, you will find that, people are failing simple writing tests all because they are too ignorant to following very simple rules that have been presented before them. You will also find that, this statement is also written by the PhD students and I know most people might wonder why they are supposed to write whereas they are in their most advanced level.

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