Dumb House Department 1-4

The boss was aware of the curator’s doubts, but he didn’t feel the need to explain so much. He changed the subject and said, “I also know that for antiques without thoughts, museums are probably their ultimate destination, but it is very dangerous to simply put antiques that have not fulfilled their obsessions or wishes in museums.”. No one knows what the consequences will be, especially when two objects are placed in an inappropriate position. Remember, some things need not only the protection of the glass cover, but also the care of the hands. So this sword, I took it back. The curator was dejected. No matter what the boss said was true or not, he knew that after tonight’s incident, he would have to think deeply and deeply if he wanted to get something out of the dumb house. The boss sighed lightly and said nothing more. The antiques in his shop are all this kind of antiques with obsession. For example, the ancient mirror of the Han Dynasty lay silently in the box for two thousand years so that his master could meet the woman he loved. Although eventually broken, but still let lovers meet each other, complete the rate of wishes. As for the bracelet of the Fragrant Concubine, I know that it has not yet fulfilled its wish. And the incense candle that has been burning for hundreds of years is still quietly shedding tears. Of course, when these antiques fulfill their wishes, if they still retain their complete form, he will naturally donate them to the museum. In fact, over the years, he has donated many anonymously. Just these,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, the boss thinks that he does not need to explain to anyone, he has always been spontaneous, tonight and this person said so much, but also for the sake of the previous situation, has been extremely rare. The curator sees the boss turns round to want to go, feel uneasy suddenly, ask hastily: “You can take away this sword,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but later?”? Will this sword be used in the future. He wanted to ask if he would come to take his life, but it was so absurd that the curator, who had lived for so many years and seen so much of the world, still had no cheek to ask. In his hesitation, the boss had turned to leave, and the red dragon on his back suddenly appeared in the curator’s line of sight, shaking him in a daze. The man many years ago also had this crimson dragon on his body. The curator’s head buzzed, and I don’t know what happened. Suddenly I remembered that when he pushed open the door of the dumb house that day, the man seemed to say something with a smile. What exactly was said? Why can’t he remember? The red dragon gradually disappeared into the darkness, baring its teeth and claws as if it were alive. At this time, a chuckle came from the darkness: “Don’t worry, this sword of King Yue has a scabbard.” The curator naturally did not know that if the sword of the King of Yue returned to its scabbard, it would sleep for hundreds of years. All he knows is, he remembers. That day, Magnesium Oxide price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, after he pushed open the heavy carved door, the man was stunned for a moment and said to her with a smile, “Long time no see”.. The curator stood in the dark for a long time, and finally had the strength to move his body and find the crutch in the corner. When he raised his head again, he found that there was no broken glass cover in the exhibition hall, no bloody handprint on the glass cover of the blue and white porcelain jar of yuan Dynasty, no blood on the marble floor, and even no brocade box containing the sword of King Yue in the safe of the appraisal room. The curator did not give up, walked into the monitoring room, but saw the security guard on duty uncharacteristically lethargic. He was not in a hurry to wake them up and pulled out the surveillance video of tonight alone, only to find that there was no recording of what he had experienced. There is no bloody handprint, no sword of the king of Yue, and no boss who appears out of thin air. In the whole silent picture, he was the only one who played the mime crazily. But the curator knew that all this had really happened. Because his left hand, the wound that had not been treated, was still oozing blood slowly. Chapter VI Dumb House: The Classic of Mountains and Seas “I hear this is an antique shop. I wonder if it will accept anything here?” Fang Qiu pushed open the carved door, which was heavier than she had imagined, and it took her a while to get used to the dark light, the flickering candlelight, and the young man sitting in the classical counter. He was dressed in a black Chinese tunic suit, with an ordinary appearance, a vivid crimson dragon head embroidered on his right shoulder, and his bright eyes seemed to move slowly with her walking. Receive The young boss put down his book and looked up and smiled at her. Her heart gave a sudden beat, and she noticed that the boss laughed as if he were a new man, with a mysterious temperament all over his body. Fang Qiu hurriedly lowered his head to avoid his sight and went over to put the newspaper in his arms on the counter. I found these from the old box when I moved, and I don’t know if they have any value. I don’t think it’s good to put it at home, and it’s a pity to throw it away directly. Well, boss, you can have a look first. Fang Qiu said as he opened the newspaper, revealing some scattered pieces of bamboo inside. When she was about to unfold all the newspapers, she felt the boss’s breath stagnate and suddenly pressed her hand. Fang Qiu was startled, and as soon as he looked up, he found that the other party had not looked at her at all, but was staring at the bamboo chips in the newspaper. Fang Qiu broke away from the boss’s hand and watched him carefully cut the newspaper little by little, suddenly thinking that the hand of the other party just touched was very cold, unlike the body temperature of a normal person. How much are you willing to sell these bamboo slips? The boss looked carefully at the bamboo pieces lying quietly in the newspaper and asked lightly. Fang Qiu is stupefied, she does not expect these broken bamboo pieces to sell how much money, she wants to know these bamboo slips in the end what is the origin. What do these bamboo slips say? After she asked, she couldn’t help laughing. The characters on the bamboo slips were seal characters. How could ordinary people recognize them at a glance? But the young boss quickly gave her the answer: “This is written above the” Shan Hai Jing “, look at the content should be” Shan Hai Jing “of the” Hai Nei Bei Jing “.” Fang Qiu slightly disappointed, she thought it would be written on the Wulin secret book, treasure location what! It turned out to be just an ancient book that had been circulating for a long time. Here, boss, you make a price,Magnesium Oxide powder, I accidentally broke three when I tidied up, the rest of those estimates are not complete, just scattered. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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