Dippy has also mastered the art of ordering minimum calories

Arjun Kapoor:The Punjabi boy that he is, Arjun Kapoor won’t give up on his butter chicken.Salman Khan:Salman used to be a big foodie before he turned to healthy eating. Salman’s diet mostly consists of fish, eggs and chicken.Shahid Kapoor:Shahid Kapoor isn’t the easiest client to work with given that he is vegan.5 lakhs on her diet dabba that is high on proteins, nuts, salad and beans. But he doesn’t have them after 7. In fact, he is in the process of making a recipe of glutton-free naan too.

Dippy has also mastered the art of ordering minimum calories. The same goes for butter chicken. Celebrity nutritionists find ways to skirt the calories while keeping alive the essence of a dish for their clients.Deepika Padukone:A thorough south Indian at the dining table, Deepika loves her snacks with a generous side of chutney. To make sure that these treats don’t translate into fat, the actress is known to spend over a lakh per month on a macrobiotic diet of fruits, steamed fish, vegetables and roast chicken.Bipasha Basu loves a traditional Bengali rice plate, Deepika Padukone loves dunking an idli or dosa in rich coconut chutney and Parineeti Chopra loves her ghee soaked parathas.Akshay Kumar:Akki, known to be a disciplinarian is also a foodie a heart and can’t let go of his sweets. That’s his daily allowance; with his rigorous workouts in the gym.

There are days however, when the actor ditches the charts for his mother’s rajma chawal. But the actor has concocted a recipe to make the Punjabi delicacy without the use of cashew nut or cream.Shradda Kapoor:Shradha is known to spend a whopping 1. Her food expert ensures that the chutney ditches the coconut.. Now Arjun doesn’t like broccoli either, so his dietician often passes of broccoli paste as chutney or green sauce. When in Paris for the shoot of Befikre, the actor was constantly fighting off the urge for chocolate, so his chef (who travels with him) laid out a sugar-free chocolate berry tart with sugar-free chocolate syrup.30 pm, and he’s very strict about it.Katrina Kaif:What makes Katrina go weak in the knees is kheer, cinnamon rolls and pasta. It may seem like a reasonable spread to most of us, but for these stars, it spells a treat; an indulgence of sorts.

Here’s a look at what lies inside a star’s dabba.Ranveer Singh:Ranveer Singh has a sweet tooth and is known to get cranky when he doesn’t get his sugar rush. To compensate for his client’s China wholesale hollow wall anchors fussy ways, Arjun’s dietician ensures that his diet consists of spinach and broccoli that are known to help metabolism. Even though he isn’t as strict about his diet as some of his contemporaries, the actor is known to burn his 3,000 calories every day. These are food items that are off limits for the ladies who perhaps turn to them on a ‘cheat day’ or like in case for Bipasha, a birthday treat.

That’s how broccoli makes its way into a sauce and sugar keeps out of a tart. When the going got tough, Nutella was thrown in with porridge. So his dietician works around tofu and broccoli. While travelling — be it sushi, Chinese food or a Lebanese spread — she does a quick math to ensure that the healthiest choice is laid out on the table. That he hates the taste of paneer didn’t make it an easy choice for him. This, along with seafood and eggs diet. Diet charts are de rigueur in Tinsel Town, but so are diet hacks. He eats five-six small meals a day and keeps out the carbs completely

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