“Then bring it to Uncle He and them!”! These things are very rare to go back. Cheonan smiled again to smooth things over. “You don’t have to take it away now. When Jingyi’s vacation is over in a few days, she’ll take it back.” “Jingyi and I agreed that when Lily and I went back, we would pick her up by the way, so that she would not be lonely when she went back alone, and I could help pull the luggage.” He Jun quickly nodded, Lily was speechless, more and more feel that he married this man is a wrong decision, with him together, that is to say, in the future all the time and Jingyi together, including the birth of children. Alas, that is to say, she and Zhenan will never really go their separate ways. Maybe it’s time to say hello to those friends in Shenzhen, pave the road first, and leave after giving birth. She meditated in her mind. What are you thinking? When Zhe Nan knocked on the table, she realized that she was in a daze, and it took her a long time. Unconsciously, the table was already full of delicacies. She ate in the canteen at noon, and while eating, she was still interviewing. She forgot what she had eaten. When she saw the delicious food, she couldn’t help being happy. Jingyi,x60 line pipe, you are really capable, I am not polite! “I helped too!” He Jun busy table work, Lily is too lazy to pay attention to him, concentrate on eating, He Jun exclaimed, “Didn’t you eat at noon?”? My God, you’re pregnant. “Shut up!”! I have something to eat, but I forgot what to eat. She gave him a white look and gave him the empty bowl! Thank you Jingyi used all the small bowls that looked good but were not useful. They were gone after two bites. Lily looked around while waiting for the meal. “Do you have a bigger bowl?”? I would be embarrassed to serve rice like this. “I threw away what I had before.” Jingyi smiled slightly,uns s32760 plate, a little embarrassed. Lily thought for a moment, smiled and said nothing more. She also lived in this house and cooked. At that time, there were only two rice bowls and two pairs of chopsticks. The dishes were not plates, but lunch boxes. They cooked like playing house. They even had to bargain for half a day to wash the dishes. In fact, every time they washed the dishes, he would play with her. Jingyi was such a delicate person. See those two rice bowls will certainly have association, woman, ah, but he may also do so, then what does he have here? She thought about it carefully, but she couldn’t remember. See for yourself or lack of a mind. Are you in a daze too easily recently? Is it because you are pregnant that your brain has no nutrition? He Jun touched her head and gave her the rice. “Go back and let my mother stew pig brains for you.” “It’s good to make up for an adult pig’s brain!” She smiled coldly and ate a big mouthful of rice. “This is delicious. What?” “Dried fish. I processed it. It’s not easy to eat fish here.” Jingyi smiled. What would you do if you were asked to move in? She seemed to ask unintentionally, but in fact it was also an interview by the way. She wants to know how this new generation of base families see life here. It’s impossible now. When I retire, if he still doesn’t want to leave, I’ll come over. “Because of the old people in the family, as well as the children’s school, x70 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, their own work, this is the common problem of women in the base, so for the men’s career, for their hobbies, so only women can be sacrificed. They can also say that they are for the country and the family, but only they know in their hearts that they are just because they like this job and love their career.”. I didn’t expect you to think so in the younger generation. “What if it were you?” Me? I will come, if I marry the man of the base, then I will come from the day I marry him, I will not sacrifice for him silently, I can work here, I can often go home to see, as for my parents-in-law. I’m taking care of their son, and they shouldn’t be grateful to me? Children are easier to solve. I am a child in the mountains. I don’t think it’s great to study in your city. To say the least, even if he can’t read it, he can’t force it. Just be happy. Jingyi, what do you think? “I don’t understand!” Lily laughed and looked at He Jun. “Do you understand?” “I seem to understand a little, but I don’t understand a little.”. Lin Gong, do you understand? “She said that she would not sacrifice silently. That is to say, even if she sacrificed, she would let her man see that she was great. She gave up the city for him. In fact, she had not lost anything. The newspaper might have a branch here. Besides, the place where writing articles should be quiet was here, so it did not affect her career at all.”. Here is close to her mother’s home, nothing to go back to eat and drink, but also in the name of filial piety, parents can also help her take care of the children, in one fell swoop. By the way, away from parents-in-law, there will be no mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems, the relationship with her husband will naturally be much simpler, the relationship between husband and wife will be very good, so this woman is really. You can’t marry! Zhenan laughed and speculated with Lily’s quaint idea. Lily giggled and said to Jingyi with a smile, “This is only suitable for me. You still have to go back, because you haven’t stayed in this mountain. It’s better to take a vacation every year.” “But you can learn from Lily’s way of thinking. She always thinks in the most optimistic direction, so she is always so happy and kind to her children.” He Jun nodded and said to Jingyi. Yes Jingyi smiled and looked at Zhenan. “Do you want me to come and accompany you?” Cheonan thought for a moment and laughed, “I can wait here for you to accompany me, after you think you have confidence.” Jingyi smiled noncommittally, and this time Lily had already finished her second bowl of rice. He Jun, however, stopped serving her rice and gave her a bowl of soup to order. You don’t seem to be a gynecologist, do you? She stared at the bowl of soup. I’m a doctor anyway. You just ate too fast. Your brain hasn’t responded to the correct information yet. You’ll feel full after a while. If you stretch your stomach, it will oppress your uterus, your baby! She thought and nodded, not to crush the baby, and she drank the soup obediently. So one thing falls one thing, see, what this woman loves most is her child,x70 line pipe, alas! “Well, if you have something to do in the future, I will do everything for you. Sometimes gratitude is not on the lips.” Lily sighed and shook her head. She was a little annoyed. Go home.

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