Competition in the steel market is more concentrated

If the sulfur content in the steel is too much, it will lead to the high brittle of steel thus reducing the mechanical properties of steel. Therefore, one process of forging steel is iron metal pretreatment. The sulfur containing in the molten iron goes into a minimum. Then the PPGI PPGL steel coil Suppliers smelting steel is not easy to become brittle. The steel material’s pros and cons depend on the amount of sulfur content. With the continuous development of the automotive, aerospace, chemical and other industries, the metal powder and steel quality requirements become higher. Imagine that if the manufacture of aircraft steel sulfur content is too much, crisp degree, then what the consequences will result? Therefore, the market for low-sulfur, and even the demand for ultra-low sulfur high-quality steel material, hot metal desulfurization technology has become an important part of the steel quality.

Europe as early as the 1960s and 1970s began to study the theory of metal desulfurization, and application in the steel industry. Chinese hot metal desulphurization technology is through the introduction of foreign advanced technology development, much later than the start of the developed countries. Competition of the steel market in the past was mainly focus on two aspects. One is the competition of the powder production efficiency. On the other hand, it is competition in the steel product quality. To improve production efficiency refers to accelerate the melting of molten silicon powder and speed up the process of iron and steel forging. With the invention of various smelting furnace, such as electric furnaces, as well as the use of new smelting technology, access to high-temperature molten iron into a very convenient thing, greatly improving the efficiency of steel production.

Competition in the steel market is more concentrated in the quality of the steel, also the proportion of the sulfur contained in the steel, that is, hot metal desulfurization process of competition. Iron metal desulfurization process started late. Bun in the metal powder producing countries and consuming countries, the Chinese steel industry in the process of hot metal desulphurization up and down a lot of work has made gratifying achievements in recent years. From the development trend of the steel market in recent years, in the powder metallurgy process, due to the impact of the global economic downturn, whether China or the international market, steel prices have a significant shock. As a large iron and steel exports, the Chinese nickel powder industry in financial turmoil suffered a huge blow. Looking to the future development of the steel industry, low sulfur content is still the key factor to win the war of metal powder market. Chinese steel industry should redouble their efforts and try their best to realize excellence. The companies need to rely on the product quality in order to stand out in the fierce market. Source:

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