Chop all the veggies into finger-shaped batons

Add dried fruits. Cook the veggies and curry leaves in water in a covered pan. Add hot water.Simmer veggies till they are fully cooked.Stir and simmer for a minute and keep aside.Once the ghee oozes out, add sugar.When veggies are half-cooked, add turmeric and mix well.AvialIngredients 200 gm chopped pumpkin/kaddu200 gm chopped yam/suran200 gm chopped colocasia/arbi200gm chopped raw plantain100 gm chopped ash gourd/petha100 gm chopped gherkins/tendli100 gm chopped snake beans/chawli100 gm chopped cluster beans/gavar2 stalks of curry leaves/kadi patta100 gm grated coconut2 green chillies1 tsp cumin2-3 tbsp coconut oil200 gm beaten yogurt1 tsp turmeric powder3 cups water and salt to taste

MethodPreparing the veggies: l Chop all the veggies into finger-shaped batons.Once cooked, add beaten curd.Grind coconut, green chillies and cumin with little water to a coarse paste.Continue to stir, so that no lumps are formed.Serve aate ka halwa hot with slivered almonds, pistachios, chopped cashewnuts, raisins and broiled saffron strands. Keep stirring to ensure even browning. Add salt to water.Recipe courtesy Pavan Chennam, executive chef, Courtyard and Fairfield Marriott.Recipe by Executive Chef Manu Nair, Billionsmiles who owns Bonsouth, Southindies and Upsouth. Cover with lid for five minutes and serve hot.Keep stirring, so that lumps are not formed.

Add cardamom powder.Pour hot oil into avial. Stir very carefully, as the mixture has the tendency to splutter. In another pan, heat coconut oil.The halwa will absorb water and continue to thicken quickly.When semi-thick, switch off the flame.After a minute, add ground coconut paste and mix well.It’s new year celebrations across the country and here are some traditional recipes to make it a sumptuous celebration. Baisakhi blessingsIngredients Whole wheat flour, coarse texture (mota atta) 100 gm l Pure ghee 5 tbsp l Sugar 8 tbsp l Hot water 250 ml l Saffron gm l Green cardamom powder tsp lAlmonds, blanched, peeled and slivered 1 tbsp l

Pistachio nuts, blanched, peeled and slivered 1 tbsp l Cashewnuts, chopped 1 tbsp l Raisins (stems removed) 1 tbspFor GarnishingAlmonds, blanched, peeled and slivered 1 tsp l Pistachio nuts, blanched, peeled and slivered 1 tsp l Cashewnuts, chopped 1 tsp l Raisins, stems removed 1 tsp l Saffron, broiled two pieces heavy duty anchors gmMethodHeat ghee in a non-stick kadai, add whole wheat flour and cook, stirring continuously till colour changes and you get the aroma of roasted whole wheat flour.The atta should turn golden and give a good fragrance.Let it dissolve, do not caramelise or the halwa will give a burnt flavour

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