Check the remaining quantity of air in the cylinder

Craftsmen and labors have to do all sorts of jobs in their profession. Sometimes they are slaving off on a big project at a job site and sometimes they are repairing their favorite sea-green Makita drill with Makita replacement parts. But there are few jobs that are a lot more dangerous and demand the use of protective gear such as an air supplied respirator. An air supplied respirator is used when working in a place with an oxygen concentration below 18%, or A toxic gas concentration of 2% (3% for ammonia) or more. Kinds and Scope of Use Hose mask (Pulmonary suction force type) – Structure in which the wearer breathes fresh air supplied from the end of the hose through his/her own pulmonary suction force. In principle, the hose must have an inner diameter of 19mm or more, and a total length of 10m or more. Blower type – The structure in which fresh air is supplied to the facial compartment using an electric or manual blower. It must be equipped with a flow controller (air control bag may be used for a manual blower) and a replaceable filter for the blower.

The air is supplied to the facial compartment to ensure that the wearer can respire using his own pulmonary suction ability when the blower is not working in the event of failure. Airline mask Constant flow type – Structure in which compressed air is supplied from the compressed air pipe, high-pressure air vessel or air compressor to the medium-pressure hose and facial compartment. A flow controller that controls the air volume and a filtering device that filters dust, oil and mist in the compressed air are required. Demand type and Pressure-demand type – Has the same structure as the constant flow type, which means that it features a supply valve and supplies air to the face compartment based on the breathing of the wearer. Combined Airline Mask Demand type and Pressure-demand type – Structure of being used as a demand type or pressure demand type mask in a normal working condition, and where necessary, such as during suspension of air supply or emergency, being used as an air respirator supplied with air from the high pressure air container.

Applicable Activities Places where there is a lack of oxygen, or the level of oxygen concentration is not known Places in which high concentrations of dust, hazardous vapors and toxic gases are generated Severe activities or those performed for a long period of time Places in which the type and concentration of hazardous substances is unknown Places in which the use of a dust mask or canister mask is inappropriate or impractical Things to consider at the time of selection Provide air respirators to the workers when performing activities in a place that is isolated, has a wide extent and is far from the source. The functionality of respirators should be inspected before work. Do not use a pulmonary suction force type or manual type mask in a place with contaminated air. Avoid using a pulmonary suction force type mask in a highly risky place. Use an explosion proof mask in a fire and explosion hazard area. How to use Supplies fresh by filtering oil, dust and hazardous materials with filtering equipment. 1.75 kilogram per square centimeter of pressure is recommended for the supplied air, and the air pressure may be adjusted as appropriate when being used by multiple people.

Check the remaining quantity of air in the cylinder for further action. At least 2 workers should be taking turns when performing activities using manual type blower masks for an extended period of time. Check the status of equipment, provide instructions on how to wear the mask, and inspect the wearing state prior to the start of operation. Measure the oxygen concentration prior to the operation. Evacuate from the field or place of work immediately if any one or more of the following abnormalities is detected during the work. How to predict reduction in supply Smell of gas or oil Mixture of moisture in the breathing air Temperature Air Through Nonwoven Manufacturers rise of the breathing air Other abnormalities Either you are looking for Milwaukee replacement parts ,

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