Cast iron is not pure iron, it is a multi-component iron-based

The metal matrix of cast iron includes pearlite, ferrite and pearlite plus ferrite, which are equivalent to the structure of steel. 2.0%, Si1.5% -4.02% -02%. Since the carbon in cast iron mainly exists in the form of graphite (G), the structure of cast iron is composed of a metal matrix and graphite.Cast iron is not pure iron, it is a multi-component iron-based alloy with Fe, C, Si as the main components and having eutectic transformation during the crystallization process.0% -3,0%, P0. In order to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, usually a small amount of Cr, Ni, Co, Mi, and other alloy elements are added to the cast iron composition to make alloy cast iron.

According to the form of carbon, it can be divided into three types: 1. Features of cast iron 1. Although the mechanical properties of cast iron are not as good as steel, due to the presence of graphite, it gives the cast iron many properties that are unmatched by steel. The existence and content of all these elements will directly affect the structure and properties of cast iron. 1. Performance characteristics of cast iron The tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of cast iron are lower than carbon steel. In addition, the carbon content of cast iron is high, and its composition is close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point of cast iron is low, about 1200 ℃, the molten iron has good fluidity, due to the volume expansion of graphite during crystallization, the transmission shrinkage rate is small, and the casting performance is excellent.0% -3.5%, S0.4% ~ 1.0%, Si1. Because of steel, it is usually cast using casting methods, so it is called cast iron.

Composition and structural characteristics Compared with cast iron and carbon steel, in addition to higher C and Si content in the chemical composition (C2. Such as good wear resistance, high vibration damping, low notch sensitivity and excellent cutting performance. White cast iron (referred to as white iron). Therefore, the structural characteristics of cast iron reducer copper tube factory can be regarded as graphite with different shapes distributed on the steel substrate. The chemical composition is generally: C2.0% ), Also contains higher impurity elements Mn, P, S, in the special properties of alloy cast iron, also contains certain alloying elements

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