After-sale blow molding machine has always been a factor

Is the output of bottle blowing machine high?

At present, in the case of the same number of blow molders made by the blow molder manufacturers in different regions, the output varies greatly. The actual output of one-two blow molding machines in Huangyan area is 1600-1800, and one blow four blow molders. The actual wholesale plastic machinery of the bottle machine is 3500-400 bottles / hour, and the actual output of the one-out six automatic blow molding machine is 60,000 bottles / hour. The output of Henan blow molding machine is one out of two, the actual output is 2400 bottles / hour, the output of one full blow molding machine is 4,500 bottles per hour, and the output of one full blow molding machine is stable at 9,000 bottles per hour. When buying a blow molding machine, don’t just focus on the number of cavities in the blow molding machine. At the same time, pay more attention to the actual production of the blow molding machine.

4. Is the after-sale bottle blowing machine perfect?

After-sale blow molding machine has always been a factor restricting the rapid development of blow-molding machines. Customer production problems can not be quickly resolved, resulting in production stoppage. After-sales blow-molding machine manufacturers cannot meet the needs of market users. In the case of one-shot trading, customers do not provide customers with after-sale service of the blow molding machine after purchasing it, which seriously affects the production of water enterprises. Therefore, when choosing a blowing machine manufacturer, the after-sales service of the blowing machine must be perfect.

It is recommended that users consider the blow molding machine manufacturers with good reputation, such as Henan blow molding machine manufacturers. The market share is high and customers Turn rate is high. At the same time, it is recommended not to pay attention to the price of the blowing machine when purchasing the blowing machine, but also to consider the long-term stability of the blowing machine, and the maintenance and after-sales cost of the blowing machine in the future.

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