A record of loyalty

Thinking, thinking, another idea rises from the bottom of my heart, that is guilty, that is also guilty, because now floating in his mind, is the girl Liu Hong. X X X X X X Reading Forum exclusive first Xiaoxiangzi scanning Fengyun Qianlong OCR at night, the inner city is quiet, the “Forbidden City” appears more quiet! These two places do not compare with the outer city, the outer city in addition to the curfew time, anyone can be arbitrary lively, arbitrary fun! But not in this place, like the “Forbidden City”, without the emperor’s special permission, no one is allowed to ride in the city, “Forbidden City” riding, that is a privilege! Jingshan, also known as “Longevity Hill”, is located in the “Shenwu Gate”, only a hundred steps away from the palace city. It is well known because Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself on a crabapple tree in the late Ming Dynasty! During the time of the monarchy, Jingshan has always been regarded as the town of the Great Interior! In fact, Jingshan is not a mountain, but when the “Forbidden City” was built and the moat was dug, it was only two miles around and only tens of feet high! Trees are widely planted in the back hill, and all the pavilions and pavilions are ready! The main gate on the mountain is called the “North Gate”, in which there is a tower called Yiwang Tower. The east gate behind the mountain is called the left gate of the mountain, the west gate is called the right gate of the mountain,Inflatable water park factory, and the south-central gate is the “Shouhuang Hall”, “Guande Hall”, “Yiwang Hall” and “Wanfu Pavilion”. Others are “Xingqing Pavilion”, “Qiuxi Gate” and so on, all along the old system of the Ming Dynasty! In the capital area, who wants to see the panoramic view, there are only two places, one is the “North Sea” White Pagoda, one is “Jingshan”! So later there was a poem that said: “Qiongye Island in the clouds,large inflatable water slide, the white jade capital at the end of the clouds, cut into a thousand feet, higher than the nine-fold city, surrounded by embroidered roads, the Red Mansion is turning to welcome, there is a lot of rain and dew in the near future, and the vegetation is flourishing first!” But then again, in these days, ordinary people who can be allowed to climb to these two places? Only the watchtower looked at the mountain and sighed. ! In the dim light of night, there is a small and beautiful shadow standing in front of a withered crabapple tree at the eastern foot of Jingshan Mountain. It is the girl Hu Piaohong! This crabapple tree When Li Chuang broke through the capital, Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself here. Heaven was angry and people were resentful. Begonia also died of grief and indignation! Hu Piaohong tonight seems to be deliberately decorated, the lower part of the body wearing a green eight wind skirt, the upper part of the body is a dark green, big front, wide-sleeved jacket, outside also covered with a wind, slim and graceful, beautiful Qingqi! It is a pity that this Chinese flowering crabapple has already withered and died, otherwise the flower surface two sets off each other, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable floating water park, the human surface should be more beautiful than the flower surface, the Chinese flowering crabapple also has to hang down its branches and bow its head! Hu Piaohong’s hair, combed without a jump, delicate dimple, Emei light sweep, no makeup, but charming and bright, natural beauty crisp person! Holding a handkerchief in her two jade hands, she looked east and west in the night, looking a little restless and restless! Presumably, Guan Shanyue is late, in the cold day, in the cold night, her delicate dimple which is about to be broken is frozen white, he really has the heart to let people wait! Look, at that moment, a tall figure quickly went up to the eastern foot of Jingshan Mountain. It was Guanshan Moon. Hu Piao’s red cherries burst and smiled. The light in his beautiful eyes was joy, and there was a little indescribable look! “Is it Miss Hu?” Guan Shanyue opened her mouth a few feet away! Hu Piaohong nodded and said, “It’s me, Master Guan!” Guan Shanyue flew to the scene. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m late. I’m tired of waiting for you.” Hu Piaohong said with a smiling face, “I’ve just arrived. I thought Master Guan was stuck by something and couldn’t leave.” “I dare not let you wait,” said Guan Shanyue. “If I say I’m coming, it’s a big deal. I’ll put it down for the time being and go to your appointment.” Hu Piaohong took a deep glance and smiled sweetly: “Thank you!” Just three words, and then she lowered her head slightly! All of a sudden, Jingshan was quiet. Guan Shanyue felt very uneasy. He looked at Hu Piaohong, who had been waiting for the cold for a long time. He couldn’t bear it. He coughed lightly and said, “Girl, the wind is strong here. Sit in the pavilion..” Hu Piaohong raised his head, took another deep glance, and said softly, “Thank you. I’m not cold. Just stand here. This is good. Standing here, thinking about something in my heart, at least it makes people feel cordial!” Guan Shanyue said in amazement, “Miss..” Hu Piaohong glanced back at the Chinese flowering crabapple tree, and Guan Shanyue felt her heart sink suddenly. How could she say such a thing? An electric current whirled in his brain. With a slight cough, he changed the subject: “Girl, I’ve been very uneasy since I returned to the camp. Think about it. I should apologize to the girl for what happened during the day..” “Don’t say that,” said Hu Piaohong. “I’m just going to apologize to Master Guan and say thank you. That’s one of the reasons why I brazenly asked Master Guan to come here. I don’t dare to comment on Princess Fu. She grew up in the power family when she was young. She’s more or less infected with the habits of officialdom, and it’s hard to avoid being spoiled and capricious. This seems to be a common problem for every son and daughter of the power family. To be honest, she’s a good He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “As for my brother, I think he’s bringing disgrace on himself. He’s worse than Princess Fu. He’s supercilious and has a bad temper. He never knows how high the sky is and how thick the earth is. He doesn’t know I understand. Fu Hou’s eyes are also bright. If Master Guan hadn’t shown mercy during the day, he would have suffered a great loss!” Guan Shanyue laughed uneasily and said, “Miss, you’re scolding me..” Hu Piaohong said, “What I said is true. I’m never good at falsehood, and I don’t like to talk in a roundabout way. You’ll know when you get along for a long time.” Get along for a long time, it seems that she intends to contact with Guan Shanyue more! Guan Shanyue said, “The Hu family is the best in the world. I know that I’m no match for Ershao. If Fu Hou and the girl hadn’t come out quickly, I’m afraid..” “I’m afraid it’s my second brother who will suffer,” said Hu Piaohong. “Miss..” said Guan Shanyue. “Master Guan,” said Hu Piaohong, “you should know that I’m right and that I’m telling the truth.” Guan Shanyue shook her head slightly and said, “Miss, I beg to differ.” Hu Piaohong said, “Why should Master Guan do this to a man who sees clearly?” Guan Shanyue forced a laugh and said,Inflatable mechanical bull, “Actually..” “If Master Guan wants to do this,” said Hu Piaohong, “I’m afraid I won’t get anything from this trip tonight.” joyshineinflatables.com

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