7 Unknown facts About TikTok To Promote Your Business Effectively

TikTok is one of the trendiest and most accessible social media platforms. It is the most celebrated short video sharing application, which helps to make funny and entertaining content and gain more visibility. This platform is filled with the younger generation between the age of 16 to 24. If you’re running a business or brands and finding ways to promote your brand in front of a wider audience, TikTok is the perfect fit. It has great potential to showcase your brand’s personality to a vast audience. Currently, plenty of business people use this platform to run their marketing campaigns.
Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, knowing this platform is crucial to going viral, effortlessly promoting your videos, and gaining more loyal followers. This article will show you the most significant facts about TikTok that help you increase your account popularity.

TikTok Is A Combination Of Multiple Social Media 

You all know that TikTok is unique from other platforms, but when you look deeply, you can understand it’s just a single platform. It’s a mixture of multiple social media. For instance, you can find a mix of everything, Instagram stories, and Chinese apps musically. This is because you can spot plenty of exciting features such as the “for you” page, hashtags at the end of the screen, in-build music library, and more.

Make Use Of TikTok Pro Account

As with all other social media platforms, you can create a business account for your brand. Using business accounts, you can track the performance of your social media account.TikTok has this function, referred to as a pro account, which assists you in accessing your dashboard. Here you can get all sorts of information about your content, followers, overview for your action, and more.

TikTok Is Most Downloaded App

As per the data of sensor tower, TikTok was the second most downloaded app. Till now, nearly 2.5 billion people have downloaded this app from the play store.TikTok surpasses popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Users Spend Nearly 54 Minutes Per Day On TikTok

Users are a great strength of any social media platform.TikTok users spend almost 54 minutes per day on this app. So, it’s easy for business owners to buy bags of TikTok views for their videos and increase their engagement rate. Anyways, U.S android users invest 45 minutes on TikTok,54 minutes on Instagram, 58 minutes on Facebook.

Best Hangout Place For Youngster

TikTok is full of entertainment. You could spot millions of fresh and energetic videos from a variety of topics. By the research study, the most engaged and viewed content on TikTok was amusement videos like lip-syncing, dancing videos. Most people enter TikTok to relax and to get entertained. Lip syncing videos gained 443.3 billion hashtag views, and dancing videos gained 150.3 billion hashtags views. 

Most Engaging Platform

When compared with all other popular social media platforms, TikTok has a remarkably higher engagement rate. Micro-influencer has a 17.96% engagement rate on TikTok, so, as a business owner, with the help of influencer marketing, you can get tons of TikTok views and grab more engagement for your account. 

Almost 55% Of TikTokers Uploaded Their Own Videos 

TikTok is the place for watching and uploading different content. Do you know? Nearly 55% of TikTok users like to post their videos on their feed. Whereas 60% of people are interested in watching other TikToker’s videos.


TikTok is an ideal channel for both entertainment and to promote your business creatively. Understanding the TikTok platform completely, you can easily make your footprint on this platform. Knowing more about TikTok facts is important to market your business, brand effortlessly. 

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