Most of these centre around the axle

The city of Larnaka is well known for its picturesque sea front which includes rows of palm trees.

Within the wider Larnaca district there are 9,500 hotel beds, about 10 of the total all island tourist capacity. The shops are well stocked and medical care is good. The place is credited with various magical properties: thus those who suffer from headaches or other diseases walk three times round it and leave a piece of clothing or a tuft of their hair on the grill in front of the south window. There are numerous beaches in and around Larnaca which which extend for approx 25 km (16 mi).

The archaeological sites and its six museums are in the centre of the town. It used to yield a good quality of salt which was scraped from its dried up surface. The remains of the Cyclopean Walls, made of giant blocks and the complex of the five temples, are particularly interesting. The structure suggests that it once was a pagan tomb, possibly dating back to Phoenician times.D. There is one main six screen cinema called K Cineplex which opened in 2001 and is on the edge of the town.

In 1974 Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Army displaced by force about 200,000 Greek Cypriots, the inhabitants of its Northern part. He died here and was buried # in the church named after him. It is also much frequented by girls, whose lovers are overseas, who come here to pray for their safety. This fort is now a museum and its inner courtyard is used as an open air garden theatre during the summer months, by kind permission of the director of antiquities. Larnaca is colloquially known as Skala to the Greek Cypriot community and skele to the Turkish Cypriots.C. Unlike other ancient cities of Cyprus, which were abandoned by their inhabitants, Larnaca from the time of its founding 6,000 years ago, has existed and still exists on the same site. In 890 A. The marble sarcophagus can be seen inside the church under the Holy of Holies. Within the precincts of this Tekke is the tomb of Umm Haram, said to be the foster mother of Mohammed.000 refugees, thus tripling its population overnight, now at 65,000. The biblical name Kittim, though derived from Citium, was in fact used quite generally for Cyprus as a whole, and occasionally by the Hebrews for the Greeks and Romans. his tomb was found bearing the inscription Lazarus the friend of Christ .Larnaca is a city on the southeast coast of Cyprus. The salt from this lake is now considered unfit for human consumption. It is said he began his stoic teaching after losing everything he had in a shipwreck. Along the Larnaca Bay there are luxurious beach hotels and also hotel apartments or holiday apartments within all price ranges. The earliest architectural remains date back to the 13th century B.

Most of these centre around the axle and increasing spin times to allow more complicated and advanced tricks to be performed.

Yoyos during this period were often extremely ornate and constructed from ivory or glass with polished brass axles. The yoyo is thought to have originated in China in 1000B. These performers were constantly on tour showing off Duncan products and the amazing tricks that could be performed with them. where it took the form of two connected ivory discs that were made to move up and down a silk string. Flores was from the Philippines and recognised the huge potential of the toy to journal bearing manufacturers become a best seller elsewhere in the world. By 1962 The Duncan Toy Company was selling over 40 million yoyos per year and had trade marked the name yoyo , seriously damaging the ability of competitors to market their own similar products.

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Turkish Army has full discipline which they follow according to the rules and orders. The share a few videos which you can watch and know about it.

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